Fare the well 2015

While laying awake in the wee hours of the morning due to pregnancy insomnia I was realizing something about my life. I realized some of my best years happen ever 5. This year being one of the examples of a great year. I rang it in with my best of friends Tamsen, we lit Chinese lanterns and wishes of Duck wins and happiness. One of those happened for us. Then we danced the new year in to Elton John.

January doesn't seem particularly memorable to me. I just get older in January. February through March don't spark any particular memories either.

April was eventful. T called and asked if I wished to attend a Garth Brooks concert. Her parents weren't going to use their tickets. I thought sure, I haven't heard him for years but I'll go. When I arrive at her home I learn why her parents weren't attending. Her 29 year old brother had suffered a stroke. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't understand how this could happen. T could barely hold herself together. She was asking her brother's girlfriend to ask the doctor if she needed to fly down to say goodbye to him. Garth Brooks was truly amazing but knowing my dear friend was next to me worrying about the survival rate of her brother made it a bittersweet moment. Luckily, thank goodness, he was okay after a few months of therapy.

May. May begins the epic-ness that was 2015. Another pregnancy side effect is out of control emotions. Just writing the sentence about May brought me to tears.

December 2014 a group of friends were at R & G's apartment talking about a wedding they were going to in Cabo in May. Jokingly we said we should all go together (to Cabo, not the wedding). A few days later we had a time share booked. It started as three couples. Then we invited the singles in our life.

Even though I only went in the ocean water TWICE in a week I had the time of my life. We sat in/by the pool, drank and talked the days away. We made new friends from NYC. It was a truly magical and uplifting time. We also got hella tan, which helps every situation.

The summer months are always my favorite any how, but THESE summer months? I got to spend with some good friends. We hiked, went camping, we hung out, stayed at a beach house, went to concerts and just had glorious times the five of us(M,C,T,J and I).

July is the month I never work a full week. I always have something to do on the weekends and this one did not disappoint. We have Carey family 4th of July camp the first weekend. Super fun time with my nieces and nephew. Then we have our anniversary which ALWAYS brings good times. This year in particular was quite eventful. J and I were laying in bed after perhaps a bit too much bubbly and we were reminiscing about when we first got together 10 long years ago. I mentioned how as a teen beginning a sexual relationship I wanted to make sure we knew what we would do in case of, you know, a mistake happened. Justin refused to respond saying nothing would happen. We decided at that moment we weren't going to have children. We were 17 and naive. I simply stated after that memory that it wouldn't be the end of the world if that event occurred now. He looked at me shocked. We sat with that thought for awhile and kind of talked about how it may be a good idea. Then the text message that will end any conversation "Just and FYI S had a seizure and we are in the emergency room". Thats not a text you take as JUST AN FYI. This is J's friend since 8th grade. We rush to the ER where his parent's and wife are patiently waiting for news. After 3 days in the hospital S has minor surgery to get a heart monitor placed. He was a 27 year old who appeared to have suffered a heart episode. Two heart issues in young men in one year is too much to handle. That really brought the thoughts of "Life is short" to my mind. S too, is okay now. He isn't fully recovered and has ongoing maintenance issues trying to control the episodes.

This leads to the MAJOR life decision hubby and I made that month. Upon many conversations of how having a kiddo would change our lives we decided, after a trip to the doctor to see if it's ok, that we were going to try to conceive. It had been ten years of J and I telling people in our lives we weren't having children. We knew we had to slowly ease our friends and family into the idea. We didn't want people to think our little bean was a mistake. We had the task of telling people we were going to try. It came to a shock and people didn't believe us at first. The doctor told me coming off of 10 years on the pill it could take 6-12 months to conceive to I was counting on having some extra time to adjust to this change. Even though I secretly envied anyone announcing a pregnancy I thought some time would be good.

September 1, 2015 was my third day of heartburn. I thought for sure it was due to a weekend of partying, day drinking and eating really greasy food. I had taken a pregnancy test before indulging that weekend just in case I was pregnant and it had been negative. I didn't think twice about the heartburn until my acupuncturist told me it was a symptom of pregnancy. I got out of a meeting at noon and asked to go home early that day. I couldn't help but be anxious and want to take a test. 

The two lines became immediately apparent. There was no denying it. I was pregnant! It was an unbelievable feeling, I couldn't believe it had happened so quickly. Hubby didn't answer his phone when I called him. He texted back "pooping". So I sent him a picture of the test. He responded "OMG" which were pretty much the same words coming out of my mouth. Not in OMG how did this happen but OMG this HAPPENED after three weeks off of the pill. 

September C&T moved into their first home and we helped them paint and move. It was ridiculously hard work but so much fun to spend that quality time with such good friends. Those are the times I like to remember. They aren't seemingly things you wish to remember but it really is how you make memories. When I walk into their home I will see where there once was a tic tac toe board on their wall. When I see red rooms I cringe and thing of the two coats of primer and gray paint to get that our of their. I see MS with the tiniest of paint brushed getting into the ceiling crevices to remove the red. Just little things, you know like how songs can trigger memories of specific moments in your life.

October we got to see the baby which we had affectionately named "Squishy". Hubby turned 28. We planned a trip to Hawaii with S & B.

November we were crazy and decided we wanted to move. We had been discussing the idea of changing out the flooring in the house and the need for air conditioning with a little one on the way. We learned about home equity loans and thought about it. What seemed more reasonable was simply to sell this house for a profit, buy something else within our means and use the profit to pay ff a car and student loans. So at 2 months pregnant, extremely exhausted I magic erasered the walls, filled all the nail holes and packed up our home of 5 years. In November we also found out that our bundle of joy was a little bouncing boy. I cried tears of joy when she told me the good news. I told J, "We always get what we want". It felt weird saying it but it felt right. We do good things and get good things in return. 

December we found a house we thought was the one, just a little over priced. So we we listed our home as we wanted to add the sale of our home as a contingency in an offer on the new home. We offered below list price to have wiggle room for bargaining and the seller came back at full price. During this we got an offer that was significantly over list price on our home. Of course we joyfully, immediately accepted. We countered again on "The High School House" and they declined as they got a full price offer. Uh oh, our home under contract and no where to go. We feverishly looked for other houses to come on the market to no avail. Looks like we will be moving in with the in-laws. 

We also took a beautiful trip to Oahu. We had a private house on someones property two blocks away from a secluded beach. We swam with turtles and he Hawaiian state fish. I won't even try to spell, but I promise you I can pronounce like a local. The boys took surf lessons while we soaked in the sheer beauty that was around us. It was a truly magical place on the north shore.

Even though the year ended with us being homeless I cannot help but this this was the best year of my life. That is thanks to all the love and support I get from my family and friends. There may be few of them but quality is more important than quantity right?


Hot Yoga - One year later

As my post from a year ago says I started Bikram's yoga not knowing what to expect. I didn't know I was going to fall in love with that hot room and the series of 26 poses, but I did. I am so happy that I started the yoga. I don't technically do "Bikram's" anymore. The studio that did the real version was smelly and the carpet gave me a rash on my hands. Carpet in a hot exercise room is disgusting. Almost as bad as carpet in bathrooms (seriously people?)

So when my groupon had expired and after surgery was healed and I was released to exercise I did some research and found only one other  Hot Yoga place in Beaverton. Bonus- they have hardwood flooring and a 10 classes for 10$ deal. You cannot beat that! So I went. They do a shorter version of Bikrams that isn't as intense and isn't so drill sergeant like. Also you don't have to do all poses twice. I know that Bikram says to do them all twice first to learn the pose then second to really get the benefit, but some of them are just too much for me to have to do twice. The best part about this place was that not each teacher does the series the same so there is always a variety. You get to do all 26 poses, and you get the benefits as far as I can tell.

What I have noticed in myself with this year of consistent hot yoga isn't what one would expect. I would have hoped to drop the pounds, afterall I am sweating like a pig for 75 minutes, why wouldn't I? I haven't weighed myself but I am pretty sure I haven't lost any weight yet. I have however gained strength.

I am talking physical and mental, which is part of being a "yogi'. I can feel the reflective part of me growing. I have stopped caring about things out of my control. I know that all I truly can control is my own actions and how I respond to the world around me. If I create a scene because something doesn't make sense I am only harming myself. If I take that deep breath, think things through and look at a situation with fresh perspective I will most likely make better decissions. This is what I have learned. I have learned that most all problems can be fixed and that I can handle anything. Because if I can stand and exercise in 105 degrees and not die - anything is possible, right?

There are subtle physical signs that the yoga is working. I feel stronger in the core. I know I can hold myself up in other forms of yoga now, when I couldn't before. My arms seem to be more muscular now as well. One of the best things is receiving compliments from instructors stating that I have a strong practice. I am constantly changing and growing and the hot yoga has helped me tremendously.

I bought a 6 month unlimited package and took full advantage. When that package ran out I figured I would be done with it and move on to something else. However one week passed and my low back pain was excruciating. I could hardly walk and no stretches I could think of would alleviate the pain I was feeling. I also began having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Which makes sense, I do sit at a desk all day typing away! So I went back to yoga Monday night. I left the hot room walking on sunshine. It was like my low back wasn't there anymore. I could walk!

You never notice how certain poses help different parts of the body. There are the obvious ones like chiar pose, works your glutes but we also work our arms in that one and so much more. So in standing bow pose you think its about the kick, but its about the back bend, the kick, the twist those two create and the pull on the arm holding that leg up. I could feel the wrist and fingers tingling as I held my leg back. I knew that what I was doing in that moment was more than just exercise it was creating a better body to live in. Its not just about the muscles you can build its about the stretch and the mental capacity it creates to feel that problem area disapate with one simple pose.

I don't know if I will ever be able to stop attending this pseudo Bikram Yoga class. I am hooked for life. I will always know that I can go and get my aches out by doing hot yoga. If I ever stop and start hurting I will have the ability to say to myself that I need to get back into that hot room to solve my problems.



I miss blogging. I doubt many people read or follow me but I feel better knowing I have documented my triumphs and accomplishments. I started this post in April 2013 and am just getting around to finishing it. I just think, what is the point?

Take Sunday for example- we had demolition day in the kitchen. All the backsplash and countertops came down/off. I seriously have been dreaming off taking this tile off my walls for two years. Serious. It was time.

Now I wish I could share these photos but I can not. Someday in the near future I hope to gain enough courage to spend the money to add photos and keep up on this lovely blog. I don't like having  facebook to document my pictures. Just the word facebook makes me cringe. I am soooooo anti pop culture.

Any way since starting this post in April many more kitchen accomplishments have happened. No only did we demolish the ugly 97 cent tile counters and back splash to make way for the new and improved counters- we sucked it up and BOUGHT new counters. Ocean green granite from Elite Counters in Hillsboro. I couldn't be happier. Truly it was a beautiful sight to come home to. I laid on it and hugged it. It is so pretty.

A few weeks after that we did the back splash installation. Many hours of cutting and aligning the beautiful matte white subway tiles. I also hugged this once it was installed. The white on the black counters was truly a magnificent sight to see. I was so happy that our kitchen was coming along.

Many DIY blogs and websites say that you should put the mortar or whatever it is behind the back splash but FIL is an independent contractor and doesn't know why? When there is an extremely easier way to accomplish this task. He simply caulks the back of the tile and sticks it to the wall. Easy one step done. Why would you do anything else? We had to cut spots for the outlets and cut to fit around the corners and tricky spaces. It took us merely 3/4 of a Sunday afternoon but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Fast forward to mid-week and our sheet rock guy "rocky" comes multiples times to finish off the disgusting holes in the walls. He came back sparsely and fit us in when he could. He knew we had been living with it for 2 years and that we didn't need to be the priority, out kitchen had other things that could be addressed.

A few more weeks passed and hubby and FIL grouted the tile. Plain white one white. Then we sealed it with an expensive sealer. Now my master bath is 99% complete and I consider the kitchen 95% but hubby disagrees and would lean towards the 99%.

The wall in the kitchen still needs a cap. FIL has a vision for some crown molding type edge and I believe it will be fabulous once complete. Also the kitchen island needs a toe kick. We saved tiles from the wall demo and island installation to hopefully be used for this.  So with those two things needed I consider the kitchen 95% done. That is still really good considering where we started 2.5 years ago.

For the master bath all that is needed is the toe kick tile to be installed and then it will be finished.

Once the dry wall and tile and everything was in I decided to paint the great room! We went to Home Depot and brought home a few samples. I was hoping for a nice gray to compliment the black counters and white back splash. We settled on Martha Stewart's "Chinchilla" color matched at Sherwin Williams "Mistic Gray". Hubby went on a mid week motorcycle trip and I took the alone time to accomplish the task of painting a great big room. Took me two nights, 1 gallon of paint, 9 plus hours and a bottle of wine. Worth it!

Oh glory day, I cannot believe we have come this far. I wish I could share pictures with you but alas, I am cheap and cannot.

Check back soon for updates!


Good Riddance

Is one of the most iconic songs of my childhood. If I were to make a soundtrack of my life it would most likely be number one.

This song means so much to me. 

The summer before Junior year I headed off on exchange to the mystical land of Peru. The night before I took my adventure my three best friends and I gathered in my bedroom talking about the possibilities to come and how we would never drift apart. Of course, none of us knew what to expect from my drifting off into the unknown. "I hope you had the time of your life" (we changed "had" to "have" so it would pertain to us) was on repeat that night. Hours of best wishes.

"A lesson learned in time" Nine years ago my life was entirely different. I was so young and lucky. My experiences that year abroad taught me so many things. I learned how to decipher between the things in life that matter and the things that don't. I learned how to dissolve my life of drama. This was by far the greatest lesson and I wish I knew how to teach it. Once a person understands that little things that get under your skin aren't worth your time and that its the good little things that really matter, you are free of many burdens. I may not have as many friends now because of it but I am truly content with who I am. Isn't that what matters the most? Being content with whats under your own skin.

"So make the best of this test, and don't ask why" The last month or so of the trip I was introduced to a wonderful mid western girl named Bre. She had resided in a town south of the one I had lived in. We quickly became close. We had to part ways when our exchanges were over, but luckily for us, she had family in my native state of Oregon. The summer following our exchanges we visited. We had both had an incredible time transitioning from life as an exchange student to life as a "normal" student. None of our friends understood our adventures and tired of hearing about them 24/7. None of our families understood that our brains were still thinking in Spanish but we were now in an English speaking country. None of the people around us understood how much we had experienced and gained in that year (I am not just talking about LBS from trying all the delicious cuisine). We stayed up all night talking about how we didn't have a place in the worlds we knew before our exchanges. We had evolved and everything at home had stayed the same. We were destined for more. We vowed to meet up 5 years later....in 2010. It hasn't happened yet but we think it will happen this year, 2013! Now we are both married and home owners. Life has been good to us.

"Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go" I think I was born mature. I have always been referred to as an old soul. But that year I matured more than I could grasp, even in my infinite wisdom. My best friends at home seemed different to me. However I was the one who had changed. I had experienced the world. Literally. I had traveled to 6 countries, met countless other world travelers and encountered dozens of indigenous cultures that year. I had changed, for the better. And honestly it is not about the world travel it truly isn't. It is about who I became. I arrived a 16  year old wide eyed girl and left a 17 year old adult, never to return the same.

"For what it's worth it was worth all the while" Why, yes Greenday it was worth all the while. My world was upside down and I knew who I was and who I wanted to become. I wanted to see more of the world and meet more of the people, see the ancient ruins and feel the earth beneath my feet. These were not feelings I had before hand. These are feelings that I still posses.

"It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right" So what I think I am getting at with this lengthy post is that we need to get past anything holding us back from our dreams and take life at what its worth and make the best of what we have. You cannot choose your destiny but it is yours and yours alone so make sure you have "the best time of your life".


The Bachelor

Last night I dreamt I had won the bachelor and was now engaged to Sean Lowe. It was an awkward moment removing my wedding ring to put on the hideous ring Sean proposed with. I am sure the one he actually proposes with it way better then in my dream. All I could think of in my dream was "how is this possible? I googled it and Catherine wins? Plus I'm not even in the show! How did I show him I will be his best friend?" Oh my goodness I can't believe I've turned into a reality TV junkie!

I did however enjoy my short engagement to him ;) I love my hubby don't get me wrong.

The silliest thing was that after our emotional and romantic and very public engagement he had to rush off to hearings. Apparently the loosing contestants were suing because they lost. I asked him " how can you be sued because of your feelings?" He shrugged that goofy smile and went off to plead his case that he was always in love with me.

Happy Monday everyone!


Christmas Time

Its Christmas Eve at the Beaverton Carey's this year. Buckle up kiddos its gonna be a bumpy ride.

The hubs and I are hosting My grandparents (2), parents (2), sister (1), cousin + fiance (2.5) that is a grand total of 9 people at my home that I will have to feed. HA. I pre-ordered a 8 pound bone in ham that I will pick up 12/20. I will make mashed potatoes, I think I will go with garlic mashed because lets face it, I am a garlic enthusiast. I will make green beans. I think just sautéed in, you guessed it GARLIC and olive oil. Simple, quick and healthy! My grandma is going to bring a fruit salad which is her specialty and my mother will bring green salad and the gravy making ingredients.   Of course I will try to make a traditional desert as well, pie? I don't know about that one.....

I am not concerned about the food I am mostly worried about seating. We only have the kitchen island which has 4 stools possibly could hold 6 and then our round dining table that holds 4 possible 6. I just don't want anyone to feel excluded.

Christmas eve at my house and then christmas day at MIL's. I am excited. I made her a homemade heart felt gift that I am pretty proud of. I am also excited for this because I will be enjoying the last day of a large breasted woman. AHHHH I am so ready for this.

Christmas time this year, (is awesome).

Happy Holidays everyone!



I dont think you know this about me but I have large breasts. This may seem weird and and odd thing to bring up but its a fact of life I cannot ignore. Trust me, I wish I could. I have struggled with these naturally heavy things strapped to my chest for far too long. They make it difficult to run, stretch and exercise. Its hard to reach weight loss and athletic goals when you have to weights that you cannot seem to rid yourself of. Contrary to popular belief these are not fat they are pure genetic demons.
I first went to the doctors to ask about a reduction when I was 17. Seriously. I hated them at that age. I was an aspiring ballerina. If you have ever watched ballet or seen a ballerina there is absolutely nothing to them but muscle and bone. I was self conscious, I hunched over and over compensated with my hips causing many problems with my back and hips. All to hide the fact that I am well endowed up front. Of course the doctors said I wasn't ready, have children first think about it YOU ARE TOO YOUNG.

So I wait, years, of people staring, having difficulty finding clothes that fit, wearing baggy clothes to hide the body I am ashamed of, years. Finally, I gained 20 pounds and became victim to the ever popular "chronic back pain". I tried running, it only made the back pain worse. How can I get the weight off comfortably? I saw physical therapist who gave me a few exercises to strengthen my hips. Then I meet with a chiropractor. We work on stretches, he recommends returning to Yoga but absolutely NO HIGH IMPACT SPORTS ie. running. We get my desk ergonomically pleasing for my back. Still minor improvements. In the back of my head I know the chest is holding me back but I fear that if I get them taken off my extra pounds will only show more. I make a promise to myself "when you are skinny you can have the boobs taken off". Then my mother says "well, why not get the reduction then get skinny, your chest might be what is holding you back". Lightbulb. Of course. Having huge boobs doesn't encourage one to run it stops them. I can't fit into a bikini anyway so why even bother getting in bikini shape? Also my insurance stopped covering reductions 12/31/2011 so it seemed like a lost cause.

Then the stars aligned because my husband got a job and their insurance covers the procedure upon prior approval of course. So we enroll!
Let me tell you, I was excited but the process seemed to take forever. Here is a timeline:
(8/22) I meet with a primary care physician who refers me to the plastic surgeon.
(9/18) I meet with Dr Webber. Super excited. He tells me the Schnur scale is usually the deciding factor. Schnur scale is the actual mass in grams your breasts are and takes into account body weight and then if they can remove at least half of the grams from you then you are most likely eligible. He makes it seem positive and quick. I can google Schnur scale and enter my information in 5 minutes and determine my eligibility.  They take pictures (!!) just in case.
(10/8) I receive a letter dated 10/1 stating I was pended for pictures and clinical information due 11/20. I immediately call the insurance company and ask what this is. They say I couldn't possibly turn in clinical information as I am not a doctor. So I call the plastic surgeons office and they tell me I need to gather paperwork from my physical therapist and chiropractor (Take that insurance company I do have the ability).  I went to an HMO for the physical therapy so they have a standardized process where you send in a release of information to a central location and they submit paperwork to the appropriate place. My chiropractor wrote me an amazing letter supporting my decision.
(10/15) I receive a letter dated 10/8 stating I was denied due to many reasons most importantly no pictures had been received. Well what the heck? So I call the plastic surgeons office and ask why no pictures were sent? She who shall not be named (Lindsey) says insurance company never asked for them. I beg of her please, you took the pictures a month ago please send them in. She says "ok I will mail them out"
Can you see how challenging and tiring this process can be?
Fast forward a few more calls between insurance and Lindsey. Insurance company states photos can be faxed. I beg of Lindsey again to fax over. She says she will fax clinicals but not pictures. At this point I am about to take my own nudie pictures and send them in myself!!
(10/29) Insurance states they still dont have any pictures and the super storm Sandy has closed their pre certification offices. Darn.
(10/31) I call back and insurance says "ohh pictures aren't going to help at all, your doctor needs to do a peer to peer review". How can this be? I have been calling almost every other day and this is the first I have heard of this? Insurance really is a joke isn't it? I immediately call Lindsey to ask for the peer to peer and she says she will pass along the message. She asks if insurance had called me to give me this information. I explain to her I am calling daily to get information (isn't that her job?). She says she will call me once the doctor has done this.
(11/1) As she hasn't called me or followed through with a single thing that has been requested - EVER in the month and half I have been working with her I do not trust this statement.I call insurance to see if plastic surgeon completed the Peer to Peer. Success! He has. The verdict = "Sounds like it will get approved once pictures are received". In the worlds of Liz Lemon "BLERG!"
(11/2) I call insurance to see whats going on. Janet lets me know that no pictures have been received. So I call the doctors office and as soon as they find out whos calling (ME) and what I'm calling about they state that "the pictures have been sent".
(11/12) Veterans day I didn't imagine the doctors would be open but I decided to call at 3:30 anyway. Success. They were open and had magically received my APPROVAL LETTER via FAX!!! Woo hoo! Sad new though I had to speak with the surgical scheduler so Lindsey wouldn't be able to do anything for me(thats nothing new now is it?).
(11/13) I get the best call scheduling my surgery. Oh glory day. The big day = 12/26/2012. Yes ladies and gents the day after christmas. Yes, another month and a half. Yes, it is cutting close to the time where my medical ends. But oh goodness I don't care its happening.

As a state employee I dont have many days off so I had originally hoped that I could have surgery 11/7 so I could take veterans day off and thursday of thanksgiving and the furlough the day after so I could take the least amount of personal days possible. dreams squashed. Thats not happening. I blame Lindsey.

But all is good. Let me tell you. Today 12/18/12 exactly three months after our initial meeting hubby and I went to Dr. Webbers office. Got my pre-op guidelines and information about what to expect post surgery. I am quite disappointed that I don't get to burn my bras because I will wear my old ones still for 3-6 months post surgery. So June I will be UBER excited for new Bra's, swim suits and clothes. Joyous clothes. I haven't purchased any new clothes since September. Gosh it has been hard. But totally worth it!!!!

I have never heard of someone dissatisfied with a breast reduction and I cannot wait to be part of those amazing testimonials. It is going to be a VERY MERRY Christmas in the Carey household this year.


What the what? take 2

Another birth dream? What is happening to me?

This time I never acctually gave birth. I dreamt I was at my chiropractors (who is always running behind) and I was waiting for him. Apparently he has a special birthing suite, who knew? And I was waiting for what felt like DAYS. Rememer this is all in a dream. So I got up to ask if anyone was going to help me and they didn't. So I left. With my entourage consisting of my parents, sister, grandparents  in-laws etc. Trying to find an OBGYN. Don't you think that should have been my first step?

Anyway I have Kaiser so I don't have many options so I was FREAKING out, with limited options for ER and what not I couldn't find a doctors office to give birth in. I went to at least a few Kaisers to find an OBGYN.Why was i stuck on this, wouldn't I want labor and delivery? Nobody would help me because they don't believe I am pregnant because I don't have a large enough belly. My boobs stick out so far that my prego belly doesn't look that big. Preposterous!

I guess this means I am very excited for upcoming opportunities. Hopefully they get over quickly so I can stop dreaming of birth! my goodness!


What the what??

Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a red haired- green eyed- tattooed baby. We went through the whole process, being admitted birth, learnings how to feed and discharge (for me included a psych eval). We just couldn't name the baby. YUp we brought home an un named baby.

Weird? Heck yea! I say nightmare-ish.

I read a dream decoder that says that it means I am ready for a new project or idea. Could be many things I guess.
1. My work is looking at disbanding one of the 4 offices and spreading the employees and cases out to my office and two others.
2. I have an interview for a promotion monday that could be it..
3. Also we are trying to refinance since interest rates have dropped SO LOW!! Woohoo for giving birth?


Social: To be or not to be?

Those of you who really know me know that I am not too social. Its not for lack of trying its just that I don't feel the necessity to be out all the time talking to people I don't know at bars spending money weekend after weekend. I am fully aware that is how you make friends but sometimes I am just too lazy to put myself out there. Some would refer to me as Debbie Downer but hey, its what it is.

I do have to say I have improved these last few weeks! I have been a party animal, saying yes to any invitation that comes to me. I thought it would be more of a nightmare than it has been.

First weekend was a bridal shower at my moms house. Nothing too exciting but I enjoyed it. We then had dinner out with our dear friends Seth and Bea and went out for ice cream with them. So much fun! Hubby and Bea celebrate birthdays really close to one another so it was a sort of birthday ice cream date. Yummy.

Second weekend was a halloween/birthday party for Bea. Games with new people. I only knew a handful and made conversation almost the whole night. But I did become quite depressed after this party due to meeting a man my age going through a divorce. I just couldn't wrap my head around the situation. I felt so bad for him and I didn't even know him. I just wanted to hug this man and fix his relationship. The woman even had the nerve to take his dog in the divorce. He had the picture on his phone as the background and everything! I don't know why it affected me so badly but it did. Divorce isn't a light word or subject. It is something I never want to even consider. We made a deal never even to joke about it so to meet someone in that situation made my heart ache.

Third weekend I had a wedding and a family get together "Tamale Fest 2012". New families and new family members. My sister was the Maid of Honor so I went to watch her run the show. She did amazing and the bride was beautiful and happy. Then at "Tamale Fest 2012" My cousin shared amazing news with us, she is expecting! May 1, 2013 little P.J.J (Pete Jacob Jr) will join this world and I couldn't be happier for her. She has a ultrasound with the baby sucking his thumb! Adorable! By the end of the family gathering my stomach hurt from all the laughter. I love when family gatherings go so well and everyone is happy. I am a sentimental person so those are memories I will always cherish. My other cousin leaves for what he calls it "the slave ship" next week so this was our chance to be around him before he is gone for another 5 months as a sous chef on a cruise line. He loves the job and even mentioned a sweet family discount that I hope to be able to take advantage of in the near future....Hawaii anyone?

All in all I feel that being social has been good for me, especially when good news is celebrated and happiness is abundant. Have a great week!


Bikram Yoga - Second Class

You may feel like I am a crazy person for going to my second class the day after my first class and that is how I felt as well. Even my instructor Ahmad told me I was crazy.

I wasn't immensely sore after my first class so I took the initiative to improve my health and went back within the recommended 24 hours. I suited up in a tank top and shorts and drove the 10 minutes to the Hall Street Studio. I was energized and ready to go. I brought a protein drink to eat afterwards and everything.

Class began and I was nervous. I still didn't understand the breathing exercise but made an attempt. As my head had throbbed the day before I took extreme caution with the back bending. I paid close attention to Ahmad's instruction and pushed myself where possible. He complimented me on my form for just being my second class. I felt pretty good. When it was all over I wasn't in a hurry to get out of the room nor did I feel like death.

I stayed in savasana and absorbed the effects the class had on me. I almost broke out in tears, actually I believe I may have but didn't notice amongst all the sweat. I was so proud of myself for pushing and making it through. This is what I needed and it felt good. This will help me gain control in my life, not only with my body but my mind as well. Ahmad ended the class by telling us to "stay calm and not let anyone piss us off because that means they won" which is totally true. With the practice of any yoga you can self control and awareness.

The feeling of energy and life was running through my body and I wanted to scream with joy. I will return for the third day in a row to see what excellent feeling I can get out of continual practice of Bikram. I may just have found what my life was missing. There is no other gym or place you can go where you get a full body exercise in 90 minutes quite like the experience in a Bikram Yoga class. These classes are not for everyone but I do feel they will be for me. More to come on this crazy journey.

Bikram Yoga - First Class

As I ran out of space to upload photos to this lovely blog I have turned it into my little online diary about my life.

Last week I was talking with a co-worker of mine and she mentioned a great groupon for 20 Bikram Yoga classes. Oh how naive I was to believe I could do this. I have been doing yoga off and on for about 4 years now so I didn't think twice about purchasing this seemingly fabulous deal and hauling my bottom of to a 90 minute class in a hot room.

I searched engined it to find out information. I brought a towel, plenty of water and wore skimpy clothes I would normally not be caught dead wearing. Still being a bright eyed un-expecting fool. The first thing you do is a breathing exercise. Seems simple right? I noticed the lady in front of my sweating and I thought to myself "thats so soon" then I noticed the beads rolling off of my own arms as well!

That is how the rest of the class went. It really is 90 minutes of intense exercise. My head was pounding, I couldn't stop burping and my feet ached. The sweetest moment was when the teacher informed us this was the second to last pose. I couldn't get out of the room fast enough. Rushing to the dressing room and bolting out of there was all I could do. I barely remember driving home. The memory that does stick is all the windows down and AC blasting in my face. Seriously. I had never wished for there to be rain like I did in the moment. All that I desired was to be cooled down and I couldn't seem to get there. I gulped ice water and jumped in a cold shower, scarfed down some dinner (that hubby cooked none the less) and then I laid in bed. I couldn't find the strength to hold my head up and my it continued to throb. I fell asleep around 8:45 that night. I thought I was going to die but I lived to tell the tale.

I woke up promptly at 5AM the next morning barely able to walk. Thinking I surely was not going to make it through the day let alone ever return to that hot hellish place. Luckily the coworker who recommended the class did not make an appearance. I would have picked a bone with her. After more research I learned that they recommend returning within 24 hours(!!) of your first class. More on that later.

Even though it felt so dealthy afterwards I knew that the benefits out weighed the initial discomfort. Imagine all the toxins released from my body while sweating for 90 minutes! Imagine all the muscles I had used in the class that hadn't been activated in years! I feel like it was excellent exercise and for someone who needed it and already had yoga experience it was an amazing experience.


Travel the US

It is one of my greatest desires to visit all 50 United States of America. I want to see all the sights that make our country so beautiful. So far I have been to:

  • Alaska (Cruise 2004)
  • Hawaii (Family Vacations)
  • Washington (Seattle, Lake Mayfield, Spokane)
  • Oregon
  • California (LA, San Francisco, Mc Cloud)
  • New Mexico
  • Arizona (Grand Canyon, Phoenix)
  • Utah (Driving Through)
  • Idaho (Driving Through)
  • Colorado (Denver)
  • Wyoming (Driving Through)
  • Montana (Driving Through)
  • Missouri (Nevada, Branson)
  • Kansas (Driving Through)
  • Florida (Disney World)
  • Illinois (Layover, Airport only)
  • North Carolina (Layover, Airport only)
  • Virginia (Layover, Airport only)
As you can see I have really only experienced 8 of 50 states. I want to do so much more. I want to experience it with my husband as he has been to fewer!
Hubby has been to:
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
Part of my dream is to drive cross country in a spectacular road trip. Mind you, I am not a fan of long car rides but I do dream of experiencing fun new things during this road trip. I would want to have unlimited time as so get the most out of the trip. I want to stop at things when wanted. Such as "Worlds largest yarn ball", Why the heck not? 

I want to have those MUST SEE spots like Mt Rushmore, New Orleans and the White House. Most of all I want to experience them with my niece and nephew who have never been out of Washington and Oregon. As we don't plan to have children of our own I want to take advantage of the opportunity and share it with my loved ones. I want B and O to see the sites as well. I know that we will get tired of each other and I know that it won't be all fun and games but that is what love is about, right? Maybe we will wait a few years so B can drive too?

Either way this was just a thought in the back of my mind and since I don't have enough space to post what I truly desire to post about I thought I would share this wish. Hoping someday I will be capable of making it come true =)


Stationery card

Hand Drawn Tassel Graduation Announcement
Personalize graduation announcements at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.


Comedy Club

Thursday night our friends got free tickets to Harvey's. We got there a little late due to some traffic delays. Try an hour late. Oops. This turned out in our disadvantage because the only seat they had was right up front next to the stage. Do you know what that means? Being part of the act at times. We got there and were walked in during an act. 

She immediately made fun of us. I didn't make fun back, not my style. Boy were we glad to have arrived during her segment not to have to hear it all. This woman was VULGAR and offensive. If she is any look into what comedians are like I am glad I don't personally know any. She was saying the worst things about her own family members! Not to mention revealing intimate private details about herself and others she knows. I was offended by many things she was saying and I know others were too. How does someone get away being that raunchy and obscene? Basically, we did not enjoy the first act.

The second act, however was amazing. His name was Dante. Apparently pretty famous? Who knew? Both our friends and ourselves don't have cable nor do we watch BET which he entertains on. He has performed for more troops than Bob Hope. So he was funny. Husband particularly liked the joke "I met my wife while crossing a bridge and I couldn't answer her riddles". Should I be offended? An hour of laughter from this guy.

Our friend gets promotional tickets often so we hope to go back again. It was nice because we all had friday off so it wasn't bad being out late on thursday. 


Weekend Happenings

Oregon is kind of whacky. On the first day of spring we got 1.5 inches of snow. That was Tuesday. By Friday it was sunny and wonderful out! We got A LOT done this weekend. Friday was filled with cabinet fun! I also went to one of the three Goodwills within a mile of my house and found some good things. The best find was this desk organizer that someone had taken the time to paint a beautiful green, then they donated it and I snatched it for 1.99!!

Saturday (another beautiful Spring day might I add) we were supposed to go help my parents move their wood stove for cleaning but by the time we got there the project was done so we went out to lunch in Forest Grove. Some good ol' english food and a couple rounds of Jenga later we headed back up to their house.
Next stop was his parents house where we met the newest addition to the Carey clan puppy Tucker.
We also saw baby J for the first time since her birthday bash seen here. The little 15 month old has taken her first steps and couldn't be cuter doing so!

One of the silliest things about our Carey family is when O "works like a man". Meaning anything from shoveling poop (one of his FAVORITE past times) to watching papas do handy work. The best moments in his life are when he is helping spread manure or in his language "banure" in the pasture. I have memories of him sitting in the back of a pickup hands folded under his chin watching the Sh** fly behind. This weekend he was on the back of a quad watching the banure go. He has learned how to be somewhat of a ladies man, or a dork, you pick. Either way I think he is the cutest.

Grinning and pulling the throttle.
We then headed home and I accomplished something I had been waning to do for a long time- painting the master bath to match our bedroom! I had been waiting for the pedestal sink and ugly cabinet to be removed so this was my chance and I wasn't going to wait a minute longer. I was even able to get hubby to help. He was reluctant but I simply couldn't reach high enough above the shower! He's a wonderful help when he wants to be ;)

Sunday we headed out to run errands. I like to get things done before the crowds emerge from church or hangovers on Sunday morning so we went to the mall at opening 10AM and got my ring inspected/ cleaned. We then were off to the place where dreams come true- Home Depot. We got a towel rack and faucet for our bathroom. Seemingly boring things but to me they bring joy to my life.

As it was another gorgeous day out and our front yard is lacking in the beauty department we decided to give it some TLC that it so desperately needs.
Taken in 2011 but you get the idea. Not much has changed. Yes, we are "those" neighbors.

Our original plan was to get a bull dozer out to level the playing field so to speak. I decided that we should atleast try to scrape that last layer of white rocks off on our own. Was it worth it? Yes indeed. I spent 3 hours hoeing (yes, I know how that sounds) and shoveling. We got the rocks into pile throughout the yard.

 The next step was putting the rocks into buckets to be transported to the farm.

A good portion of my time was spent pulling up landscaping cloth or weed block. Do you have any ideas what took so long to pull up? Of thats right all the weeds that were growing ON TOP of the block. You see the trees in the first pictures on the right? Those were not planned I found out, those are WEEDS. I could start a nursery!

End result to some may seem like nothing. To us, the people who have been staring at sparse white rock for 13 months this is a MAJOR improvement. The rocks you see are simply going to be tilled in. The brown is the excessive amount of barkdust or mulch that was used for "landscaping".
 Dweet has taken a liking to the new cabinets, who wouldn't?

This is a post I wrote back in March 2012 that was never finished due to the "lack of space" issue I had. Sorry but I hated seeing it as a draft when it had so many pictures1

The time, has come...

It appears that I have "run out of space".

Apparently blogger and google only allow you a certain amount of "memory" for uploading pictures for free then they gauge the heck out of you. As budget it tight and Facebook is free it appears that my reasoning seen here may have to be sucked up. 

I will be researching other "free" sites and maybe transferring? Who knows, this was shock to me this morning. 

I was going to post some amazing pictures of the kitchen with knobs and drawer fronts but only one picture fit :(

So thanks for following while I existed!


Dweet turns two

Oh my goodness where has the time gone?

When he first met a dog. 

He loved the fake fire in our apartment.

He loves sinks.
He loves bags.

Dweet loves homework.

Dweet loves Scrabble.

Vet trip. 
Scrabble at the table.
Dweet's mug.
Santa Dweet.
Dweet's first birthday!


Master bath cabinet install!

So you have seen the majestic kitchen island now for the Master bath update!!! woohoo!!

Really? Huge lack of storage.
Check out the bad plumb job. 
Who were they trying to fool? This is NOT a bathroom cabinet.

Who does that? Looks SO tacky and bad.
We pulled the cabinet want-to-be out and found this. Husband goes "WTF?" What time of person thinks not to improve a situation but just cut tile around it? Totally lame.

The original sink must have been on the left.

Remove pedestal and we get this.
Beautiful right?
 The plumbing had to be removed as we are putting the sink in the middle of the cabinet.

Install the cabinet and move the plumbing.

Take down a mirror that is hung in the ODDEST way ever. 
Notice there are holders but they decided to use what looks like Jenga pieces. Another WTF moment.

I moved in a little =)

From doorway. 

I am guessing you are envious of our beautiful tub, haha.

Now I will paint the bathroom the same color as the master. I am pretty excited about that.

As for the counter top we picked out our "reminants" from Innovative Countertops. This means that we aren't paying for the acctual peice of granite at all. We pay for solely the labor to cut it to our size and for the edging work for the sink. Amazing deal. There were an overwhelming amount of options. It took awhile to decide.

Hubby liked this grayer option.
I liked this "cashmere".
I loved the gold tones in this one. The guy said it was flaky and semi unreliable. Not a goot choice.

Final contendor.
We really liked the colors. They will tie well into the oak cabinets. There is no natural light in our bathroom so we went with the lighter countertops. I am so happy and cannot wait to get this installed. Most likely within the next few weeks.

The only downside to installing this cabinet and not having the countertop ready is that there is not a functional sink in there. So for now we are "commuting" to the guest bath for brushing our teeth and washing our hands. A little inconvenience for a good cause.

Delilah found her reflection.