Comedy Club

Thursday night our friends got free tickets to Harvey's. We got there a little late due to some traffic delays. Try an hour late. Oops. This turned out in our disadvantage because the only seat they had was right up front next to the stage. Do you know what that means? Being part of the act at times. We got there and were walked in during an act. 

She immediately made fun of us. I didn't make fun back, not my style. Boy were we glad to have arrived during her segment not to have to hear it all. This woman was VULGAR and offensive. If she is any look into what comedians are like I am glad I don't personally know any. She was saying the worst things about her own family members! Not to mention revealing intimate private details about herself and others she knows. I was offended by many things she was saying and I know others were too. How does someone get away being that raunchy and obscene? Basically, we did not enjoy the first act.

The second act, however was amazing. His name was Dante. Apparently pretty famous? Who knew? Both our friends and ourselves don't have cable nor do we watch BET which he entertains on. He has performed for more troops than Bob Hope. So he was funny. Husband particularly liked the joke "I met my wife while crossing a bridge and I couldn't answer her riddles". Should I be offended? An hour of laughter from this guy.

Our friend gets promotional tickets often so we hope to go back again. It was nice because we all had friday off so it wasn't bad being out late on thursday. 

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