I miss blogging. I doubt many people read or follow me but I feel better knowing I have documented my triumphs and accomplishments. I started this post in April 2013 and am just getting around to finishing it. I just think, what is the point?

Take Sunday for example- we had demolition day in the kitchen. All the backsplash and countertops came down/off. I seriously have been dreaming off taking this tile off my walls for two years. Serious. It was time.

Now I wish I could share these photos but I can not. Someday in the near future I hope to gain enough courage to spend the money to add photos and keep up on this lovely blog. I don't like having  facebook to document my pictures. Just the word facebook makes me cringe. I am soooooo anti pop culture.

Any way since starting this post in April many more kitchen accomplishments have happened. No only did we demolish the ugly 97 cent tile counters and back splash to make way for the new and improved counters- we sucked it up and BOUGHT new counters. Ocean green granite from Elite Counters in Hillsboro. I couldn't be happier. Truly it was a beautiful sight to come home to. I laid on it and hugged it. It is so pretty.

A few weeks after that we did the back splash installation. Many hours of cutting and aligning the beautiful matte white subway tiles. I also hugged this once it was installed. The white on the black counters was truly a magnificent sight to see. I was so happy that our kitchen was coming along.

Many DIY blogs and websites say that you should put the mortar or whatever it is behind the back splash but FIL is an independent contractor and doesn't know why? When there is an extremely easier way to accomplish this task. He simply caulks the back of the tile and sticks it to the wall. Easy one step done. Why would you do anything else? We had to cut spots for the outlets and cut to fit around the corners and tricky spaces. It took us merely 3/4 of a Sunday afternoon but it was TOTALLY worth it.

Fast forward to mid-week and our sheet rock guy "rocky" comes multiples times to finish off the disgusting holes in the walls. He came back sparsely and fit us in when he could. He knew we had been living with it for 2 years and that we didn't need to be the priority, out kitchen had other things that could be addressed.

A few more weeks passed and hubby and FIL grouted the tile. Plain white one white. Then we sealed it with an expensive sealer. Now my master bath is 99% complete and I consider the kitchen 95% but hubby disagrees and would lean towards the 99%.

The wall in the kitchen still needs a cap. FIL has a vision for some crown molding type edge and I believe it will be fabulous once complete. Also the kitchen island needs a toe kick. We saved tiles from the wall demo and island installation to hopefully be used for this.  So with those two things needed I consider the kitchen 95% done. That is still really good considering where we started 2.5 years ago.

For the master bath all that is needed is the toe kick tile to be installed and then it will be finished.

Once the dry wall and tile and everything was in I decided to paint the great room! We went to Home Depot and brought home a few samples. I was hoping for a nice gray to compliment the black counters and white back splash. We settled on Martha Stewart's "Chinchilla" color matched at Sherwin Williams "Mistic Gray". Hubby went on a mid week motorcycle trip and I took the alone time to accomplish the task of painting a great big room. Took me two nights, 1 gallon of paint, 9 plus hours and a bottle of wine. Worth it!

Oh glory day, I cannot believe we have come this far. I wish I could share pictures with you but alas, I am cheap and cannot.

Check back soon for updates!