What the what??

Last night I dreamt that I gave birth to a red haired- green eyed- tattooed baby. We went through the whole process, being admitted birth, learnings how to feed and discharge (for me included a psych eval). We just couldn't name the baby. YUp we brought home an un named baby.

Weird? Heck yea! I say nightmare-ish.

I read a dream decoder that says that it means I am ready for a new project or idea. Could be many things I guess.
1. My work is looking at disbanding one of the 4 offices and spreading the employees and cases out to my office and two others.
2. I have an interview for a promotion monday that could be it..
3. Also we are trying to refinance since interest rates have dropped SO LOW!! Woohoo for giving birth?


Social: To be or not to be?

Those of you who really know me know that I am not too social. Its not for lack of trying its just that I don't feel the necessity to be out all the time talking to people I don't know at bars spending money weekend after weekend. I am fully aware that is how you make friends but sometimes I am just too lazy to put myself out there. Some would refer to me as Debbie Downer but hey, its what it is.

I do have to say I have improved these last few weeks! I have been a party animal, saying yes to any invitation that comes to me. I thought it would be more of a nightmare than it has been.

First weekend was a bridal shower at my moms house. Nothing too exciting but I enjoyed it. We then had dinner out with our dear friends Seth and Bea and went out for ice cream with them. So much fun! Hubby and Bea celebrate birthdays really close to one another so it was a sort of birthday ice cream date. Yummy.

Second weekend was a halloween/birthday party for Bea. Games with new people. I only knew a handful and made conversation almost the whole night. But I did become quite depressed after this party due to meeting a man my age going through a divorce. I just couldn't wrap my head around the situation. I felt so bad for him and I didn't even know him. I just wanted to hug this man and fix his relationship. The woman even had the nerve to take his dog in the divorce. He had the picture on his phone as the background and everything! I don't know why it affected me so badly but it did. Divorce isn't a light word or subject. It is something I never want to even consider. We made a deal never even to joke about it so to meet someone in that situation made my heart ache.

Third weekend I had a wedding and a family get together "Tamale Fest 2012". New families and new family members. My sister was the Maid of Honor so I went to watch her run the show. She did amazing and the bride was beautiful and happy. Then at "Tamale Fest 2012" My cousin shared amazing news with us, she is expecting! May 1, 2013 little P.J.J (Pete Jacob Jr) will join this world and I couldn't be happier for her. She has a ultrasound with the baby sucking his thumb! Adorable! By the end of the family gathering my stomach hurt from all the laughter. I love when family gatherings go so well and everyone is happy. I am a sentimental person so those are memories I will always cherish. My other cousin leaves for what he calls it "the slave ship" next week so this was our chance to be around him before he is gone for another 5 months as a sous chef on a cruise line. He loves the job and even mentioned a sweet family discount that I hope to be able to take advantage of in the near future....Hawaii anyone?

All in all I feel that being social has been good for me, especially when good news is celebrated and happiness is abundant. Have a great week!