The Bachelor

Last night I dreamt I had won the bachelor and was now engaged to Sean Lowe. It was an awkward moment removing my wedding ring to put on the hideous ring Sean proposed with. I am sure the one he actually proposes with it way better then in my dream. All I could think of in my dream was "how is this possible? I googled it and Catherine wins? Plus I'm not even in the show! How did I show him I will be his best friend?" Oh my goodness I can't believe I've turned into a reality TV junkie!

I did however enjoy my short engagement to him ;) I love my hubby don't get me wrong.

The silliest thing was that after our emotional and romantic and very public engagement he had to rush off to hearings. Apparently the loosing contestants were suing because they lost. I asked him " how can you be sued because of your feelings?" He shrugged that goofy smile and went off to plead his case that he was always in love with me.

Happy Monday everyone!