Weekend Happenings

Oregon is kind of whacky. On the first day of spring we got 1.5 inches of snow. That was Tuesday. By Friday it was sunny and wonderful out! We got A LOT done this weekend. Friday was filled with cabinet fun! I also went to one of the three Goodwills within a mile of my house and found some good things. The best find was this desk organizer that someone had taken the time to paint a beautiful green, then they donated it and I snatched it for 1.99!!

Saturday (another beautiful Spring day might I add) we were supposed to go help my parents move their wood stove for cleaning but by the time we got there the project was done so we went out to lunch in Forest Grove. Some good ol' english food and a couple rounds of Jenga later we headed back up to their house.
Next stop was his parents house where we met the newest addition to the Carey clan puppy Tucker.
We also saw baby J for the first time since her birthday bash seen here. The little 15 month old has taken her first steps and couldn't be cuter doing so!

One of the silliest things about our Carey family is when O "works like a man". Meaning anything from shoveling poop (one of his FAVORITE past times) to watching papas do handy work. The best moments in his life are when he is helping spread manure or in his language "banure" in the pasture. I have memories of him sitting in the back of a pickup hands folded under his chin watching the Sh** fly behind. This weekend he was on the back of a quad watching the banure go. He has learned how to be somewhat of a ladies man, or a dork, you pick. Either way I think he is the cutest.

Grinning and pulling the throttle.
We then headed home and I accomplished something I had been waning to do for a long time- painting the master bath to match our bedroom! I had been waiting for the pedestal sink and ugly cabinet to be removed so this was my chance and I wasn't going to wait a minute longer. I was even able to get hubby to help. He was reluctant but I simply couldn't reach high enough above the shower! He's a wonderful help when he wants to be ;)

Sunday we headed out to run errands. I like to get things done before the crowds emerge from church or hangovers on Sunday morning so we went to the mall at opening 10AM and got my ring inspected/ cleaned. We then were off to the place where dreams come true- Home Depot. We got a towel rack and faucet for our bathroom. Seemingly boring things but to me they bring joy to my life.

As it was another gorgeous day out and our front yard is lacking in the beauty department we decided to give it some TLC that it so desperately needs.
Taken in 2011 but you get the idea. Not much has changed. Yes, we are "those" neighbors.

Our original plan was to get a bull dozer out to level the playing field so to speak. I decided that we should atleast try to scrape that last layer of white rocks off on our own. Was it worth it? Yes indeed. I spent 3 hours hoeing (yes, I know how that sounds) and shoveling. We got the rocks into pile throughout the yard.

 The next step was putting the rocks into buckets to be transported to the farm.

A good portion of my time was spent pulling up landscaping cloth or weed block. Do you have any ideas what took so long to pull up? Of thats right all the weeds that were growing ON TOP of the block. You see the trees in the first pictures on the right? Those were not planned I found out, those are WEEDS. I could start a nursery!

End result to some may seem like nothing. To us, the people who have been staring at sparse white rock for 13 months this is a MAJOR improvement. The rocks you see are simply going to be tilled in. The brown is the excessive amount of barkdust or mulch that was used for "landscaping".
 Dweet has taken a liking to the new cabinets, who wouldn't?

This is a post I wrote back in March 2012 that was never finished due to the "lack of space" issue I had. Sorry but I hated seeing it as a draft when it had so many pictures1

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