Birthday Party Success!

Baby J had an excellent turn out for her first birthday. Plus she looked fabulous!
Here's the house all decorated for the occasion. We moved around the furniture to accommodate a circular discussion between the guests

 I printed out a bunch of photos of baby J and put them under our Ikea coffee table covered with glass. It worked out perfect. Even J loved it. She went around kissing all the pictures with the baby.
 As the theme was "Cute as a button" I made her the J with buttons on it. Inspiration from Pinterest of course.
 View from the other side of the room.
 J and Dude "fighting" over his toy. He isn't her biggest fan. Especially when she squeals.
If toy is left unattended J will grab!
One of the highlighting moments of the night was when hubby, his nephew O, brother, Dad and grandfather were found in the office watching him fly his helicopter. Oh my GAWD I couldn't stop laughing.

Birthday cupcake time!!

I think a good time was had by all. I am still in awe about the amount of people that fit into our tiny home. 30 or more were invited and just about all of them came. We had approximately 13 little children running around our house at once. It was INSANE.  Dude love it. Dweet hid as soon as he heard little O coming up the porch.

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