Baby J turns one tomorrow. At the time of her birth we were signing our offer to this beautiful home. So I began perusing our photo files and decided I wanted to share our wedding photos. 

Lets start with how it all began. Back in 1993 when we were kindergarteners at Dilley elementary... Just kidding I wont go back that far. But that truly is where it all began. The date is an estimate. Fast forward a few years and we arrive on March 16, 2010. I arrive home (our apartment) from work to find that Justin has made dinner. Cue the collective "awww" because it was the first time he did this alone. He helps with chopping veggies every once and awhile but not a whole meal. It was tacos. On a tuesday. Every tuesday since has been deemed "taco tuesday" because I am cheesy like that. He was wearing his "nice jeans" (aka the only ones without holes). Afterwards he acts a little suspicious, saying he needs to take the mail to the box. I needed something at the store and I knew there was a mailbox there so I convinced him to walk with me and drop the mail off then.  Then he goes out on the porch. Its March. In Oregon. We never go on the porch at night. Whatever. I start making our favorite cookies, my grandmothers snicker doodle recipe. I hear him talking to someone but don't think anything of it. He disappears into the bedroom and comes out all lovey dovey, big grin on his face. He hugs me. (I have a batch of cookies I need to remove from the oven at this time) He tells me all the things he loves about me. I won't bore you with specifics. I had a feeling something was happening so I got a big grin on my face and he gets down on one knee and pops the question. Boy was that ring shiny. Of course I said yes. And I burned my first batch of cookies. It was worth it. Next day, St. Patty's day, we took the family out to chinese at FG's spot and told everyone. I love all the green at one table.

Fast forward a few more months. J and I are not big party people. I didn't have a pinterest album full of wedding things or know about style me pretty. So we decided the best solution for us was to head down to the court house. Heres a photo montage of the events.

 When you think of court house wedding you didn't think of this did you? I loved it. My parents, grandparents, sister and his parents were in attendance. The fabulous photographer was none other than our dear friend Bea Haynes (Hansen) and her Hubby.

Thats it for today. I have all next week off of work. Want to know why? Monday is the observed holiday for New years and also the Rose Bowl -GO DUCKS! I figured I might want the day off after said rose bowl so I took my Governor's holiday, months and months ago I had asked for January 6th off because my cousin is getting married that weekend so I took a "floating furlough". That left me with a 2 day work week. One of which is my BIRTHDAY! So vacation days it was. To explain the relevance of this I was letting you know I will be posting the rest of our story next week. Its time for work now!

BTW I went to work this week. It was brutal but it felt good to go back. Plus, I am still sick. I just cannot kick this nasty bug, and I think I contaminated my co-workers (oops)

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