Happy Holidays!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Ours was fantastic. And today is technically the observed holiday so its a day off, yay!

Here's a timeline of our holiday events.

23. Christmas eve-eve we took the bigger kiddos for a fun filled night of watching prep and landing 2 and making some whirly pop(which was received as a gift for my bridal shower from my dear friend Bea). O was so strong it took two of us to hold the whirly down while he twisted. He even held onto B's arm. 

We went to the park. Here is Dude enjoying the sun.
Cheesy family pic. Hubby made me promise not to put this on facebook. Perfect.
The only one we got with Dweet (he is quite stubborn).
24. Christmas eve we attended my parents for dinner. Chef cousin Ben made a delicious salad, and grandparents made ham and scalloped potatoes. It was delicious.

 And there was a great sunset during dinner as well. Sorry, I just have a point and shoot so my photography skills are mediocre at best.

 Dude thoroughly enjoyed his first christmas. He got the hang of opening presents and pulling them out of his stocking.

 25. Christmas morning we went to his parents house for "brunch". I got to play with my littlest niece. She was hungry so I gave her some orange and got the absolute, hands down, cutest sour face I have seen in awhile. Ignore the boogs she was a little stuffy.

And now for some home improvement (because I am all over the place). I don't know if I have mentioned the "de-brassing" movement ever since move in 10 months ago but it is still in the process. All our door and cabinet hinges are brass, and the glass doors on the fire place. So one sick night we decided enough was enough, how to rid ourselves of this central brass? Simply removing the doors was the answer. Dweet loved it.  
Another photo he asked not to be on facebook. Win. Now from the comfort of my couch I do not see any brass. Another win.

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  1. My boyfriend had a dog named Dude too! That's hilarious.