Dude's First Birthday

Is today!! This poor little odd mixture of breeds was brought into the world one year ago. He has experienced so many triumphs and struggles. He was 3 of 5 puppies to survive birth out of their tiny momma. After 3 months on IV and doctors visits Dude was the first of those surviving 3 who was adopted on their first day out. This is the little face in the back of the kennel that stole our hearts.
Mr. Dweet was apprehensive to meet his new brother but curious none the less.
He was so sleepy.

I imagine him saying something like "Aww mom, come on, enough pictures!"
 This one makes me tear up. How adorable is that little puppy??!?!?!
This big beauty is Mambo and the Golden is Cassie. They are my parents dogs aka. Dude's aunt and uncle. They love each other.
When dude was neutered I went to pick him up and the lady told me he was doing great. He hadn't been acting like anything was wrong. He seriously is such a good puppy.

Dude's besty is a blue heeler named Tessa. She taught him everything he knows. Most annoyingly to pick food up from his bowl and then go somewhere far away to eat it. She was bigger than him and now he is bigger than her. Hope she enjoyed his tiny-ness while it lasted.
Lets enter a series of Dude snuggling as it is his favorite activity.

Dude loves to be outdoors. He doesn't like boating due to his fear of water, but enjoys the wind in his ears.
 Dude love the beach. Its the feeling of the soft sand between his paw pads. (See Mambo in the right)
 Dude likes to dress up for holidays. For halloween and thanksgiving he was a pumpkin. 
 As Dude is low maintenance he just really likes to hang out.
 His ears do so many things. My favorite is when they are folded over. Husband was hoping for the German Shepherd in him for ears straight up and out. Usually they are pulled back or halfsies as seen below.
 Sometimes he poses like a smoker with a bone in his mouth.
 He like to keep his toy options open not settling down with one at a time.
 Most recently Dude and I took a walk to the washington county court house where Hubby and I were married and we snapped a shot where we said "I do". The grass was cold on his bottom.
Dude has been the best dog ever. He is so sweet and mellow. He only barks or growls when intimidated by other animals. He is loving and loyal. He is so intelligent and adorable.

He is enjoying his birthday so far because I gave him a can food. I don't know if he came up for air but he loves it.

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