The reason I have created this little blog was because I was tired of Facebook. It shapes our conversations and how we communicate and this is my formal opposition. I used to upload my pictures as soon as they were taken and peruse others I wouldn't have actual conversations because I would already know what happened via Facebook. I am tired of conversations beginning with "did you see xyz on facebook?" if people really want to keep in touch with me they will call or e-mail or hang out. If they don't that's their loss. But not something I will take to heart.

So my January resolution is to delete my Facebook and only update this. So far I deleted anyone on facebook that isn't a relative or an "exchange friend". seriously even my best of friends are gone. Now I want to delete it completely. Goal is to have it gone by the end of the month.

I'm still a bit embarrassed to even have this blog. I don't even know why. I am a really shy person and I kind of like that at this point just about no one reads this but I am still sharing. That's weird I know. If I am going to be all blog and no social networking by 1/31/12 I need to share this site with friends and family and.... my husband....

I'm saying this as motivation for myself to follow through. Wish me luck. I have the day off tomorrow as I have a chiro appointment in the AM and I have to go to the DMV to renew my tags on the car. I also want to talk with OFOSA about adopting. It seems as though most puppies have been taken too foster homes so I won't be able to meet them all if I go in to the clinic tomorrow.

We are serious about adopting miss Delilah. I've been humming the song all week "Hey there Delilah"

Can you believe Kodak filed for bankruptcy today? It's crazy!

I'm tired of campaign adds. Can't I turn them off since I mailed in my ballot already?

 Currently parts of Oregon are flooded, including my parents. They had a stream running through their home today. They are still drying out. We are so smart to have chosen our home. Our inspection was this time last year and the inspector was super surprised to see no moisture in the crawl space. We have to water catch basin areas in front and back of our house so we don't ever expect flooding. Go us! See the pictures of our absolutely atrocious lack of yard? Notice the chain link fence? On the other side is the water area that saves our butts in a time like this. Second picture is the back yard. Again, its absolutely embarrassing, but behind our white fence is another chain link fence that enraptures a water basin. Uck, can you see the potential tumbleweeds? Weed and Seed this spring I know. We I have already gone through three gallons of round up to kill our weed problem.

I hope hubby's family in Seattle is safe. They are in a state of emergency with snow and ice. They are in our thoughts.

 I love Obama, he is cute and witty. "it's always nice to meet a world leader with bigger ears then me" -about mickey mouse- was said today. Gotta love it.

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