Hey there Delilah

Whats it like being a Carey?

She poses like a model
Meet Delilah. Shepard/boxer unknown mix. She is the biggest of her litter and said to be the dominant one. We think it will be good for her to be raised by such a good older dog. She 
Dude playing

Dweet is not so happy to be sharing with her.

The beautiful mother

Dude, Delilah and new Momma

Delilah so sleepy
My day has been wonderful so far. Had a chiropractors appointment. I was FINALLY released to "Wog" (my walk/ jog combo) and he says I'm looking better, YAY!

I now can no longer ever speak poorly about the DMV because I was in and out within 10 minutes, it was awesome. May have been that is was 8:40AM.....

FYI you cant pass DEQ with a check engine light on....even if you have checked the engine and know what you need. Darn. 

Then my wonderful and knowledgable mother came out to help me pick up Delilah. 

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  1. Hey There! This is my first time as a blog follower. Did I do it right? We will see. Welcome to your new Carey home Miss Delilah.
    gmarod (grandma rodriguez)