Puppy life

I have been tired and too busy to be writing and posting pictures of the new baby. Sorry. Saturday we took her to meet my grandparents and hubby's parents and B and O! She loved chasing the little kids around and they loved her (who wouldn't).

This puppy moved too quickly to get many adorable shots of her but I am trying.

She sleeps about 70% of the time and the other 30% she is peeing and playing.  I don't remember Dude being like this but we did get him at 4 months instead of 2.

Sleepy baby

Sneak picture attack from hubby.

She really wants to meet Dweet

Family snug!

On the couch

Puppy and Dude

Momma and baby

Teething ring

Dude in Delilah's bed haha

Snuggle bug!
OFOSA gives us a free pet exam so Delilah went in to meet Dr Leddy which is also Dude and Dweet's doctor. Everyone at the office swooned for this cutie. She sat there and napped most of the time. People were peeking through the exam room window and "oohing" and "awwing" at my sweet thing. 
First Vet trip!

She fell asleep
So I have a confession. Yesterday at lunch I was walking and Delilah got under my feet and we tripped. We tripped, she yelped, I dropped everything I was holding and I stepped on the poor baby. I thought she was going to die by the yelps coming out of her. I started bawling, grabbed her to snuggle but she was so pissed and scared she but my chest. Then I used my hand to get her mouth off of me she bit my finger - HARD! But I wasn't focused on me. Her paw was sitting there limp as can be. I though for sure I broke it off. I frantically called hubby who I knew was in class but really wanted to talk to him. No answer. Called mom. She assured me that if there is no blood its probably not broken. Puppies have very soft bones. Luckily Miss Delilah already had an appointment that afternoon. I called the vets office and told them the new situation and they moved the appointment up. Dude took the opportunity to eat my lunch that I had dropped. Thanks Dude. I sat there for the remaining 40 minutes of my lunch crying and holding poor Delilah. Dweet and Dude were very concerned. As my mother reassured me that she would be fine waiting a few more hours for the doctors I went to work. All I could do was hold back my tears. I kept thinking she would be dead by the time I got home because I had squished some of her internal organs. I wanted to "call" Dude and ask him if she was okay. I rushed home and took the puppy to the vet. She was so excited to get out of her kennel she must have forgot about the pain because she came barreling out. Only for a moment.

By the looks of the slightly swollen wrist the doctor thinks I caused some soft tissue damage. She prescribed some anti-inflamatories and pain meds. If Miss Delilah May isn't walking on it by thursday she wants x-rays but we are all hoping that she gets better by then. 
Delilah trying to get Dweet, even with a bum foot

Poor babies paw

So here's to hoping that today she will start using that right paw!

In other news, we canceled our cable. We barely ever used it except for background noise and its so darn expensive. It will save us 40$ a month not to have TV.  The most difficult part of the whole thing is that the customer must return the cable box. The only Comcast office is a ways away in Tigard. I waited 45 minutes for them to call my number so I could turn in the cable box which took a total of 30 seconds. This was a pretty lame process if you ask me. What a waste of my time. 

I also went to the eye doctors today and got a slightly different prescription. This is good news as it has been changing drastically the last few times. If it slows down or stays the same I will consider lasik. ooh-la-la fancy me. The change wasn't even enough for the doctor to want me to get new glasses lenses. Which bummed me out because I was looking forward to new glasses. Dweet chewed the ends of mine so currently they are sanded down and a little rough. Oh well. Next time. 


  1. Lasik, Don't you have to buy eye drops after that? JR

    1. I honestly haven't looked into it past knowing my eyes need to stop changing before I could be considered for it.