Wamp wamp wamp....

I was nervous. I had been up for three hours and had butterfly stomach that whole time. I arrived 45 minutes early and spoke too fast. I had a list of things I absolutely wanted to say and I don't think I did. First question I had the opportunity to sell myself and I didn't go all the way I could have. I know they know I know what I do. I know I should have told them that I know it but I didn't. I get nervous and off track. I fell that I could have done better. You know when you think if a comeback two hours late? That's how I feel now. I want to cry and hold my puppy. He's just so adorable!

I am extremely happy to have put myself out there and taken the opportunity to interview.  I am glad the the program manager knows who I am and that I am interested in advancing. That is all I can do. On a brighter note, people keep complimenting on how nice I look because my hair is all did...
The other day there was a beautiful sunset on my way home from work.

I saw the cutest thing at BBB

Guilty of playing in fireplace.

Guilty of eating Dude's food.
My mom's dog Mambo had hip surgery. This is one nasty scar! Yuck. He is healing well.

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