Am I

glutton for punishment?

When we first got Dude we were up three times a night for potty breaks like a newborn baby.

For awhile now hubby has been begging me for a new dog. I have strictly been saying "no". We don't have enough money, Dweet got a year of attention before we got Dude so Dude deserves the same treatment...blah blah blah. Any excuse not to have those sleepless nights. Today I visited an old coworkers home. She breeds Pomeranians and she had about 5 dogs running around. They were all so well behaved and it was so nice to have all those little companions. This got me thinking. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have another "baby".

Craigslist didn't provide with any intriguing offers, neither did petfinder. Then I decided to go to the place we got Dude. Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. It was a great program, they took care of all the first shots and spay/neuter for us. Not to mention they gave us our amazing first dog.

Going on their site was a mistake. They currently have about 7 german Shepard puppies, two months old. I die. They had an adoption event today and another tomorrow. Bad news for the bank, good news for my smile-o-meter because I may be getting a dog tomorrow. They are so darn cute. Plus, Dude promised to be a good big brother and teach her good habits. Yes, I decided for a girl. Most likely Lola. You know like "What Lola wants, Lola gets"? I had never thought of new dog names so this is just the beginning. I was thinking maybe to keeping with the D thing we have going on. Update: I just googled "D female dog names" and got Delilah, Lilah for short... or boy thats cute! Maybe Deliah or Dalia, Dory?

Update: Dogs were only there on 2nd and 4th sundays... Didn't get to meet any potential "babies" ;(

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