Got a call around 8:30 stating a member of my interview panel had been involved in a car accident and the interview had to be postponed. All my nerves and hair styling had been for nothing today. So I went to work an hour late. Now I'm getting my chiropractic adjustment. You will be pleasantly surprised I was seen and attached to my machine in record 6 minutes!! Wahoo! This is a first for me writing a post from my phone on the chiropractors office, I forgot my book at home. I was flustered this morning. My mindset was interview and I had to adjust. Apparently I didn't do too well. I'm about 7/8 of the way done reading "the help" so I'm sad I'm not able to get a few extra pages in here today. I was rescheduled for next Thursday 8:30AM interview. Now my nerves will last another week and I'll probably have to come back to this lovely office. It's quite okay in my mind. Nothing is better than an adjustment I just wish it wasnt so spendy. Today it is a clear sunny day in the pacific northwest. It feels strange to be bundles in a hat, scarf, jacket and then topping off the outfit with sunglasses. I'm not complaining its just not a common occurrence. I'm digging it.

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