What the what? take 2

Another birth dream? What is happening to me?

This time I never acctually gave birth. I dreamt I was at my chiropractors (who is always running behind) and I was waiting for him. Apparently he has a special birthing suite, who knew? And I was waiting for what felt like DAYS. Rememer this is all in a dream. So I got up to ask if anyone was going to help me and they didn't. So I left. With my entourage consisting of my parents, sister, grandparents  in-laws etc. Trying to find an OBGYN. Don't you think that should have been my first step?

Anyway I have Kaiser so I don't have many options so I was FREAKING out, with limited options for ER and what not I couldn't find a doctors office to give birth in. I went to at least a few Kaisers to find an OBGYN.Why was i stuck on this, wouldn't I want labor and delivery? Nobody would help me because they don't believe I am pregnant because I don't have a large enough belly. My boobs stick out so far that my prego belly doesn't look that big. Preposterous!

I guess this means I am very excited for upcoming opportunities. Hopefully they get over quickly so I can stop dreaming of birth! my goodness!

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