Master bath cabinet install!

So you have seen the majestic kitchen island now for the Master bath update!!! woohoo!!

Really? Huge lack of storage.
Check out the bad plumb job. 
Who were they trying to fool? This is NOT a bathroom cabinet.

Who does that? Looks SO tacky and bad.
We pulled the cabinet want-to-be out and found this. Husband goes "WTF?" What time of person thinks not to improve a situation but just cut tile around it? Totally lame.

The original sink must have been on the left.

Remove pedestal and we get this.
Beautiful right?
 The plumbing had to be removed as we are putting the sink in the middle of the cabinet.

Install the cabinet and move the plumbing.

Take down a mirror that is hung in the ODDEST way ever. 
Notice there are holders but they decided to use what looks like Jenga pieces. Another WTF moment.

I moved in a little =)

From doorway. 

I am guessing you are envious of our beautiful tub, haha.

Now I will paint the bathroom the same color as the master. I am pretty excited about that.

As for the counter top we picked out our "reminants" from Innovative Countertops. This means that we aren't paying for the acctual peice of granite at all. We pay for solely the labor to cut it to our size and for the edging work for the sink. Amazing deal. There were an overwhelming amount of options. It took awhile to decide.

Hubby liked this grayer option.
I liked this "cashmere".
I loved the gold tones in this one. The guy said it was flaky and semi unreliable. Not a goot choice.

Final contendor.
We really liked the colors. They will tie well into the oak cabinets. There is no natural light in our bathroom so we went with the lighter countertops. I am so happy and cannot wait to get this installed. Most likely within the next few weeks.

The only downside to installing this cabinet and not having the countertop ready is that there is not a functional sink in there. So for now we are "commuting" to the guest bath for brushing our teeth and washing our hands. A little inconvenience for a good cause.

Delilah found her reflection. 

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