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Challenge accepted!

I have  DIY to do board on Pinterest which you can view here. So when I saw the challenge pop up on YHLBower Power, Erin and Cassie and  I knew I needed to participate. Last time they had a challenge I was still waiting for an invite to Pinterest, lame I know. What to do that wouldn't cost any moula?
I have been saving TP rolls and paper towel rolls for awhile. My mom actually had a gardening pinterest idea with them. I gave her what she needed and used the rest for my art.

Delilah helped
Beginning design 
The "pinspiration" called for craft glue, all I had was Elmers. Lets hope it holds! 

There was a little hiccup when Dude's crooked tail knocked my "petals" off the coffee table and I had to re-arrange them only to find some missing. Where were the missing "petals"? Delilah's mouth. Good thing Elmers is non toxic!

Pardon my blurry photos, don't know what got into me. Maybe I was taking this concept a little too seriously?
My next step is sto spray paint that baby red! I am really excited about it. The only thing stopping me is the weather. Where is a gal supposed to spray toxic chemicals when its POURING rain and or snow outside? I will have to update this later. 

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