Friday Letters

I am trying something new here, friday letters! Here it goes!

Dear Husband, thank you for saying silly things when you are half awake/asleep, like wednesday morning you woke up saying "OW" and I asked "Whats wrong? you replied "I have an equator full of voltage through my leg". I asked again to clarify what was hurting.... Thank you for entertaining me. Dear Oregon, is it possible to stay one type of weather for one day? Yesterday it snowed and then I had to wear my sunglasses, make up your mind! Dear phonebooks,

 why do you still exist and why do I need three different varieties in a week? I have an iPhone, nuff said. Dear vandals, its not nice to commit criminal mischief two on my lawn, I hope they catch you! Dear Dweet, Dude and Delilah, I wish you would leave my plants alone. Dear O, I cannot wait to spend the weekend with you, we are going to have a blast!


  1. oh my goodness, I had no idea they still delivered phonebooks! that is crazy! haha loved your letters, thanks for linking up!


  2. I understand your letter to the phonebook. I recieved one and just looked at it like why does it still exsist. I dont know I guess because not everyone has the internet right?