We went shopping

Hubby and I went to the home design store to look at tiles for backsplash and actually came up with some final decisions about colors etc. Hubby said it helped him a ton to go to the store and see the choices first hand.
We like the varied texture and colors

The top two are contenders

We like the white subway tiles TOO MUCH. I like the sliver of color between these. 

Love the colors

Who knows maybe squares?
No official choices have been selected as of yet. It depends on the counter tops we end up with so we can match those to the color.

We really like the white subway tile with the white bead board that will be on the back of the island. Plus bring that splash of color with some of those rectangle  tiles could be amazing.

The following are from the Official Corian Website
Corian in "Earth"
"Burled Beach"

Too many to choose from!!! I just love how it looks like a stone like Granite but it doesn't come with the price tag of slab! Plus we can do our underlay sink if we go this route!

We are getting excited because our tax return this year will give us the boost we needed to complete the island I have so desperately been wishing for. This means that time permitting I may have this island within the next few months! Wahoo! I am giddy with excitement!

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