365 Days

Is how long our little family has been living in this beautiful home!

Dweet loves moving strictly for the use of boxes

Bye bye apartment living!
So many things have happened this years. From changing the front door hardware on move in day, to new fridge, washer and dryer and tearing down the view blocking wall.

All within the first seven days!

Then we painted our master bedroom. I had the hardest time picking a color and hubby isn't any help. I ask "do you like this color?" he grunts "yeah" so it's all on me. I had a few swatches picked out but hadn't settled yet. I saw a commercial for 50% off and immediately went and randomly picked Sherin Williams Spa. It's a little bright but I like it. I guilted hubby to help paint! Yay for teamwork. I will eventually paint the bathroom the same color but a waiting for the new cabinet instillation.

New mattress. 
New blinds in the master.

Replaced the brass light fixtures for more "us" lights from ikea and home depot.

Mom and I painted the trim of the house.

Hubby and his dad built the beautiful entertainment enter. The house came with one that we weren't particularly fond of. To be honest it was gone the first night too. The bonus was that it has a mini fridge spot. Necessary 5 feet from the normal sized fridge of course.
Staged house, notice the bar to the right. Gorgeous right?
So we lived with this for a few months.

Added a gallery of where we have been.

When the end of summer rolled around we got a leak. Its the weirdest thing and only drips when its NOT raining...Luckily for us Oregon has more rainy days than not. Sadly its coming out of our hood over the stove and its really weird. Who has leaks when its sunny? These people do.

When we moved in we noticed the lawn border was upside down, so hubs and I turned them over.

We tried to complete the rock to lawn makeover. Again still in progress.

Not to mention adopting two dogs! Whew. I hadn't realized all we accomplished this year. Can't wait to see what the future brings!

Mandatory end of post animal pics!!
Lilah's new and hopefully last splint!!

Dweet studying hard for mid-terms
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Caught red handed! Making a mess

Delilah has taken over Dude's bed

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