Pinterest food completions

I am one of the many Pinterest obsessed individuals out there. Not to mention I drool over the food pictures on there. Lately I have taken on two mouthwatering recipes.

Sticky buns. Look good. I was sad that they aren't from scratch. Pre packaged biscuits, syrup, cinnamon and brown sugar is all you need.

Then I made lasagna

Cooked noodles

Fresh onion

Italian sausage

Pressed garlic
All together in a sauce

Ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan
 Yummy Lasagna. On our first date to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Freshman homecoming hubby ordered "lasaGna" for years I thought he didn't know how to pronounce it right.

As a side I had to try the Hasselback bread.
 I used smoked Gouda. Delicious!
 As this recipe was from scratch I was much happier with it and will most likely make it again. I am a sucker for anything garlicy.

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  1. The garlic cheese bread was DE-LISH!!!