Craft time

In honor of YHL coming to PDX my dear friend TamTam and I wanted to do an art project for them to sign. We himmed and hawwed at the possibilities of what DIY craft we could accomplish on a monday after work. We were going to make a chevron painting or some food color art, but then I brilliantly thought of the idea that OBVIOUSLY we were going to take a picture of our HEREOS. Or as I truly refer to them in real life "My People". So if you take a picture you need a frame correct?

*Light bulb*

Tam had already created her frame the day before and I decided to copy her idea. We went to JoAnns where they were having a 50% off deal on picture frames. Brand new 5x7 for 4 bucks? Sold. Got a mat for the back and brought them home. 

Tam is an excellent antiquer so she had already scouted some amazing antique wall paper for other purposes. I cut it out about a half inch from the edge of the frame so it could wrap all the way around to the back and front. Then modge podged the frame and attached the paper. Insert Jeopardy waiting music here. 


We are thinking that hopefully they will sign the matting with something like

"Alisha and Tam, we really need interns to live with us, want to move to Richmond?"

Heck yea man!

 But truly I am going to be so honored to meet these inspirational people who have taught me so much and influenced my decorating capabilities.

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