Thursday Rant

I have too much to say to care for organization. 

1. Today one year ago hubby and I were signing papers to become the owners of this lovely home! OH MY how time flies! What a lovely, hand cramping time that was!
Right after signing our lives away!

Celebratory Cornerstone beer! 
This also marks one year with our iPhones which we went out and got right after turning in our down payment. It was nice to know our bank account activity wouldn't be monitored anymore so we make our first purchases in awhile. We are silly/ stupid like that. Plus we knew we wouldn't have a mortgage payment until may so we took serious advantage of that. 

2. Hubby's sis sent me this beautiful pic of lovely baby J at the party sneaking my water.

3. Yesterday I stubbed my toe on the coffee table. I fell to the floor in pain. 

Do not proceed if you don't like gore. I apologize but its too weird not to share. I am just  waiting for the nail to fall off. Yucky.
I think I need to re-arrange the living room many bad things are happening around this area!

4. Dude and Delilah are getting along pretty well and it makes my heart melt when they snuggle!

 5. I am catching up on Glee. AHHHH I love that show! Currently I am watching Michael week. Amazing. I wish I could sing and dance like those "kids" who are all older than me...

6. Next week there will be a man named Dwight moving into me "Office". Does anyone else get how amazing this will be?

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