I am on health kick

Or atleast I am trying to be.

Last year I joined weight watchers through my work for free. It was an excellent decision to learn about what my actions (food wise) and what they were doing to my body. I stopped snacking as much and lost 10 pounds within a few months. The best part about the point system its on is that I learned how to make some pretty good low to no point meals. No points are things like fresh fruits and veggies. 

My breakfast of choice at the time was fruit smoothies. Depending on the day and how I was feeling I could have blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mango, kiwi, banana etc all in one lovely drinkable treat. 

I stopped doing this around fall time as I felt silly being cold by choice with my smoothie. A few weeks ago when I was on a round of antibiotics I remembered to be eating yogurt to keep away from side effects. So I started up on the smoothies again. The winter holiday months plus the doctors order of no impact sports really took its toll on me and I probably gained all the weight I lost and more. So I need to make a change. 

I've asked my dad to add my to his gym membership. I am trying to have smoothies instead of a bagel with cream cheese and limit my snacking like I would have if I was in weight watchers. Basically I am trying to get into my old habits that were working pretty well. In the summer months in the morning Dude and I would wake up and "wog" (walk job combo) for half hour. But... since its dark in the mornings before I leave I can't really do this for a few more months.

Until then lets hope the smoothies work!

Today's smoothie includes the following:
Kiwi fruit!

Orange juice to "smooth", frozen strawberries, and non far yogurt as a bse

Blended in my amazing blender

Equals one delicious and healthy treat. 
Most days I add banana and I have a mango in my fridge so that will be added this week. 

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