Food Review.

Well folks, theres a reason Andina was booked and Limo was not. Don't get me wrong the food was alright but I certainly prefer Andina. Andina provides a more authentic Peruvian experience whereas Limo was more of a Portland restaurant that had peruvian food. The prices are comparable so its really about personal choice.

Why is Andina more preferable? Their Lomo Saltado has the same taste as it does in a native Peruanos home. Anyone who has had it home made in Peru knows what I am talking about. At Andina they provide you with almost any drink you could have found in Peru. Inca Kola which is a Peruvian soda that tastes some getting used to is offered. Pisco is the drink of choice in Peru therefore it is offered at Andina. I was a rotary exchange student to Peru back in 2004-2005 and required to attend Rotary meetings during that time. Pisco was served even to the students. As I was 16 at the time I didn't enjoy it as much as the rotarians but none the less its somewhat of a tradition to Peruvians. Andina offers many seafood dishes as well as Peru is known for its seafood. My family enjoys these.

As for Limo. Why is it my undesirable? They didn't offer Inca Kola or even Pisco. Their website stated many months ago they were getting their liquor license but they still do not have it. Instead I tried Sangria, which let me tell you, is not Peruvian. And it wasn't even good. The only people who had authentic Peruvian beverage was my grandfather and hubby who had cerveza Cristal. Which guys, can be purchased at most stores in the area. I have found Cusquena  at Whole Foods and Fred Meyers. So offering it on their menu was not impressive. The Lomo was in a soupy base that I did not approve of. It's not supposed to be soupy. Yes, the meat should be juicy but not dripping. Just google it and see what the images look like. Its not that hard Limo.....My family had seafood dishes and thoroughly enjoyed them but I am a much harder critic as I lived in Peru and they only visited for a few weeks.

This was taken at a school lunch at Colegio Lord Byron in my town Arequipa. The top right is what Lomo Saltado should look like, authentically speaking.

And I will provide you with a shot of 16 year old me enjoying Arequipa's plaza

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