I am going to be all over the place. I have permission. It is my birthday! Go me. I simply cannot believe how old I am getting. Oh well. This if my week off and I am enjoying every minute of it. I am doing Yoga every morning and slowing sipping my morning coffee while catching up on the news. So glad Iowa is done. Not to mention I get free coffee today. What shall I drink? I have to conjure up something expensive.

Here is my week so far. Monday I got an adjustment at the chiropractor. You know you will be back soon when the doctor walks through the door and says, I can see you are having troubles....My darn neck has been killing me. He couldn't even fix in so I get to go back. Its ok. I love getting adjusted. I feel young again afterwards. I can walk without back pain and turn my neck. Ahhh the simple joys in life.
Later we watched the most amazing Rose Bowl EVER (Well since 1917 when we last won). It made my heart race and was nerve wracking but of course we pulled through! I love my ducks. I was proud to be wearing my duck colors that day! Yahoo! I am still sad the it was LaMichael's last game. He is my boyfriend. Not really but since he is so awesome I can dream.

Tuesday I went shopping with mom, sister and sisters friend in from Germany. We spent most of the time at Nordstroms Rack. My favorite. I have been thinking of boots since I saw this outfit on Pinterest
So for my birthday my momma bought me some boots. Yay!
 I made this outfit. My sister said I need to be more creative. I dont know if it works or not but I dont care. 

Wednesday I woke up, made hubby's lunch, caught up on the DVR, yoga'ed then got my day started. Deposited some money, returned some stuff, and then I did the embarrassing act of returning cans. Its not so bad if you have a companion like last time I had niece B. 
This time it had been since June and the bottles and cans were in cat food boxes. Talk about being the crazy cat lady at the bottle return. Uncomfortable. When I walked up the man did compliment me and say I smelled nice. I got something like 5 dollars towards groceries so thats a positive about the whole thing. 
Then I got home. I knew my christmas present was "out for delivery" but that usually means it arrives at 7pm. What a glorious day it was because my box was on the front porch when I arrived. Take in the beauty that is my Buttercup kitchen aid mixer. 
For its first endeavor I made chocolate crinkles for the first time. Hubby loved them. I also used the fancy dough hook to make pizza dough (sorry bread maker I cheated on you). 

Today I woke up with all my favorite guys (Hubby, Dweet and Dude) all snuggling. Perfect morning. Only thing I would have changed was not waking at 5AM for hubby to get to work. Now the plan is to have my sister pick me up and take me to the chiropractor. I prefer not having to drive afterwards as it just re-tenses up my neck. Then dinner, my pick. I had originally planned to go to my favorite (and the only one I know) Peruvian restaurant Andina but their only reservations available were 5PM or 8PM which are incredibly inconvenient times for us (mom, dad, sister, german, grandma, grandpa and hubby). So I went on a search for other Peruano selections in the area and stumbled upon Limo. Side note: I didn't realize you could read this as Limo like the car until like 10 minutes on their page. I read is LeeMo like it's supposed to be pronounced. Any way...they offer my two favorites Aji de Gallina and Lomo Saltado so I know I will enjoy. Actually it will only be perfect if they offer Inka Kola and Pisco Sours. 

To end this incredibly random bantering of my week I would like to share what my silly kitty is up to. Last night he decided to hide under hubby's pants. I almost got a shot of his face and tail sticking out. I love this cat.

And on a positive note my grandma had more blood work done and everything looks good now after her transfusion. 

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