This weekend

Was a doozy!
Birthday chocolates
Thursday was a whirlwind. My little sis picked me up and took me to my chiropractor appointment. I arrived my usual ten minutes early to find out that they weren't open until noon. No biggy. I was first there. I didn't get pulled back for my appointment twenty minutes late! I don't hold anger too well. Sometimes it makes me a huge biatch, sometimes I get emotional and break down into tears. Guess which one happened on my 24th birthday? Tears. I held them back until they called me and hooked me up to the shocking machine. Poor me. I got a great adjustment and since I complained (civily of course) I think the doctor saw me first out of the other people.

Then sis took me out for five guys burgers. Delicious! The worst part about the day is that when my sister left she took my babies to their "grandparents". The house was eerie without them. Simply getting up from the computer to walk to another room was emotional. Nobody was there to follow me! I may have cried again.... Fast forward to dinner which you already read about. Then Friday morning my grandparents picked us up to go to to Sisters for my little cousins wedding!

We made it in a record 2.5 hours. The roads were immaculate. By noon we had checked into our lovely and charming lodge. Apparently I was exhausted because I took a little cat nap then we headed off for some browsing downtown. We then headed to the lodges complimentary wine hour. What's better than wine? Free wine! My parents arrived, we checked in and I fell asleep at around 8:30pm. What was wrong with me?

 Saturday was the big day for M&M! We enjoyed the sparse but semi delicious continental breakfast and pondered about the days activities. We decided on wondering the streets of downtown Sisters. Stopped in some local shops. Got hungry. Tried the best little restaurant called Ali's. We walked into a wonderful aroma and the friendliest Ukrainian woman greeting us. My dad was nicknamed "daddy" mom was "strong mama" referring to her 17 years of vegetarianism, sister and I were pretty girl and hubby was her favorite named "handsome boy". At one point she even kissed him!

Going into that little deli was by far one of best decisions of the trip. The food was great too. Mom and sis enjoyed a massage at the Shibui spa at the resort then we headed out to the ceremony.

Hubby and I sat next to an old friend. We met him through my cousin but had spent a lot of time in Eugene with him back in the day. At first the boys didn't realize that they knew one another. It clicked and we had a good time. His date had actually lived in the same residence as hubby back in 2006. Small world. My cousin seemed so happy and the way that man looked at her during their vows was intense and you could tell it was true passion. *ahh love** They kissed a long "I do" kiss that kinda made the audience awkward (in a good way). More free wine followed in the cocktail hour. New friend K an I became "bathroom buddies". Dinner was delicious, followed by toasts to the new couple and some delicious cake. I opted for poppy seed. Then the dancing. Boy that was a good time. My cousin looked amazing and it went off with a smashing hit! Millions of best wishes cuzzy and new hubby!

Here is a little back ground as to why the wedding may have been a bit awkward for me. Back in college I made a few spur of the moment decisions that changed many things for me. I wasn't getting along with my best friend since middle school and I moved out of the dorms and into a sorority. After recuruitment in the sorority I was done with the drama and scandal of sisterly life. Hubby (at that time boyfriend) had moved back home and I wasn't in a good place. I was driving 2 hours home every weekend. So before making the decision to leave Eugene my bestie (tam tam) and I disaffiliated from the sorority during spring term and moved into apartments for three months. And now for the point of this story. I really didn't like many of my "sisters" and didn't mind showing it. The secrets and lies of the place made it way easy to move out without anyone really noticing. Their policy was to hide it from the others so nobody would know we had been un happy. This was about 4 years ago. I haven't really spoken to my cousin or any "sisters" since. My cousin is an affiliated member of this sorority and had invited some of the girls from our class. Going into it I was thinking, out loud "I wonder if they hate me as much as I hated them.....?". Thus making for a semi awkward night. One was nice enough to come and talk to me. It was pleasant to know that there hadn't been hard feelings with all of them.
The lodge had positive books where people could write about their stories. This one came in ours. Made me crack up!

Hubby and I!

My sis, mom, dad and hubby
Sis, grandpa and I

The Beautiful bride and myself
Grandpa and his sister

Husband enjoyed the M&M's

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  1. I feel like your chiropractor experience totally echoes the one I had the other day! I should have treated myself to Five Guys to make myself feel better, that burger looks delish!