My gal Shannon over at Bungalow960 got me thinking about routine the other day. I am definitely a creature of habit and anyone who knows me will agree, especially the hubby. 
Perfect example-
Part One: every morning my coffee maker brews my coffee at 6:21 and I have my two cups before leaving for work. If I run out of 1/2 & 1/2 I don't get my coffee. Therefore this should never happen.
Part two: Back in November, 11/11/11 if I do remember exactly I was out of 1/2 & 1/2. I thought to myself, Starbucks is on the way to work and I can splurge for a Egg Nog Latte, tis the season.
Part Three: Hubby had an interview in Wilsonville this day so it was only logical  he take my gas saving sedan down I-5 and I drive his gas guzzling pickup the mile to work.
Part four: Starbucks has an app for my iPhone that you can upload your gift cards onto so you don't have to carry the cards all the time and they can scan your phone instead. Genius right?

Do you see that three changes in my routine can totally cause a problem? So, I left 15 minutes early (I usually leave the house at 5 to 8 to get to work at 8) to wait in the ridiculous line at Starbucks (problem 2). Decide its a good time to try the new app (problem 4) I get the wonderful Egg Nog Latte, walk back to my husbands car and start digging for the keys (different car, problem 3). After a few minutes of desperate digging for the keys I realize that they are in the cup holder next to my purse, breakfast and badge to get into work. This sounds tragic but as you may have read above I live 5 minutes from work and Starbucks is on the way to work. They are right across the street from each other so I started the walk. Luckily I dressed warm and had the glorious Latte to keep me company. I get to work, Have to wait for someone to let me in because my badge is still in the car with my keys.

I have amazing co-workers and one volunteered to drive the 5 minutes to my house so I could pick up the spare and then drive me to the pickup at Starbucks.

But do you see how a few minor things can totally throw me off?

The point of this story you ask?

Day light savings. My worst nightmare. I consider making the move to Arizona every 6 months. For someone so into routine this is evil, pure evil. Its not just me its my internal clock, my cat and dogs that get messed up. My husband? Not so much. He can sleep in no matter what. Me I was up at 6 today and realized it was "really" 7 so I should get up to acclimate my self to the new time. I will be miserable and randomly hungry for the next few weeks. Terrible idea day light savings.

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