Mt. Hood

We had an amazing snowboard trip the other day. Hubby's work offers a 30$ bus ride and lift ticket special which was TOTALLY worth it. We didn't have to drive or wait in line for a lift ticket once we got there we just got on the lift!

It was night skiing- my favorite. I like night skiing because there are less people. I like less people because I am an AWFUL snow boarder and the less people that have to avoid me on the slopes the better I feel. You see, if you know anything about snowboarding you know that a person is either "goofy" or "regular" meaning right or left food first. I simply cannot decide. So instead of one foot facing down hill the whole time I slide down both feet facing forward and sometimes when I am feeling brave one foot goes before the other the tiniest bit. That is why I fall. I am not a lover of speed so going down like I do can control that. The one time I rode like a normal boarder would I had a good fall. My chiropractor wasn't too happy about that one....

Unfortunately taking pictures as an inexperienced rider is out of the question. So we took these while sitting down, most likely post-fall.

It got really windy after a few runs. This meant that I couldn't control where I was going so I sat the rest of the night out. Hubby went out a few more times and really enjoyed himself. 

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