Delilah's Splint is off- do a happy dance!

Saturday morning we all took a moment of silence in hopes that Delilah's splint would be removed for a few reasons.
A. Poor Dear has had it on most of her short life
B. Its expensive to keep going every weekend to get it checked out!

So as you have guessed from the title it worked! We took her in, they took some more x-rays (ouch $$$$) and she was good to go. She has an infected dew claw so she is on antibiotics for awhile. Other than that she is just limping around trying to get back to normal. She is working on building muscle up on the bad foot. Its quite pitiful how she has it dangle there. She was so used to using it as a crutch that it has to be a hard adjustment.

Poor leg
Noticeably different sized legs

Not putting weight on it.
Remember the person who wrote "My Mommy did this to me" on Delilah's cast? She gave this to me. Hilarious? NOT.

Want to see the progress of x-rays? Check out these posts one and two.
Way to go Delilah! My little healer.

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  1. Poor puppy! Its so cute but still I'm sorry about his leg..
    Would you like to follow each other?