When disaster strikes!

 Not full on disaster. But close. The other day I bought 5$ laundry detergent because I wasn't willing to walk all the way through the largest Costco just for laundry detergent. Good thing.

Hubby and I were minding our own business eating dinner when we hear crash, bang. No biggy I say. Its just the washing machine. About 30-45 minutes later I go to change the load from washer to dryer. The 5$ detergent had fallen behind the machines-up side down and spilled everywhere. We had a detergent flood. Oh joy. So about 8 towels later and about 30 minutes on my hands and knees soaking this stuff up behind the machines I had a very shiny and semi sticky laundry room floor.

Notice the lid inside of the bottle, OOPS
We took the soaked in detergent towels outside and sprayed them off, dried them outside over night and ran them through about 4 washed before drying them.

I asked for a smile this is what I got
Lets hope this is the worst thing that happens this year!

Mandatory animal pictures? Ok!
Its my Dweet in a bag. Anyone get the SNL reference to JT?

Delilah taking over Dude's bed and Dweet watching from afar as he always does

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