Its amazing how accomplishing one project gets the ball rolling on others you haven't had the motivation to do.

I had monday off for Presidents day. For the longest time I had this OOPS paint from Home Depot and hadn't decided where to put it. Its a very light yellowish white color. In a spur of the moment decision it was determined to go in the office. I felt the beige caused the place where we spend many hours to be dingy.

The paint was Gidden interior. Official disclosure - I hated it. This may have been the reason it was oops paint because it was runny and took me 5 hours to paint a small room. The color is fine but applying the paint was the worst experience ever. It seriously felt like water coloring.

Left new color right old.

Yes, I used painters tape!
I think its a happier color. Now, for some artwork!

In sunlight ohh-ahh


  1. I hate crappy paint!I'm glad you were able to fix it. I just scrolled through your blog. YOU HAVE SUCH A CUTE HOME AND THE CUTEST PUPPY!!