Master bedroom update.

Lately I have been wondering about the energy of our home and what I can do to improve it. I have a few Feng Shui books that I dug into this morning. It was determined that we had bad energy in our master bedroom which is unacceptable. That is where you need to have positive energy flow. 

One thing I cannot change is the ceiling fan that is supposed to be chopping our energy up. We just installed it this summer for air flow. 

We don't have mirrors in the bedroom. Something I just discovered. This is good for a bedroom because you want the energy to move slowly not bounce around and that is what a mirror does. I learned that the bathroom door needs to stay closed and our bed wasn't placed properly. I have always wanted to change the layout but just couldn't get myself motivated to move it around. 

I read that you should have full vision of the entire room from your bed. 

Old arrangment- fail. Our backs were to the entry.
New arrangement - pass. We can see all!

Your bed should be as far away from the door as possible. 

Old arrangment- fail. It was right next to the door. Oops.
New arrangement - pass. Now in far left corner and door in front right. 

It's good practice to have plants to round out the sharp angles from dresser and chest. You should also have three or five in the master. We have three real plants (all animal friendly). 

See the large palm next to the dresser? I was recently able to get it replaced. My animals LOVE to eat the plants in my house. The grass outside is not enough. So with Home Depots wonderful customer service I learned that if a plant dies within the first year of owning it you can return it and get a new one. Just save your receipt and the planter box it came in! Added bonus - it doesn't have to be the same plant. I opted for the same because I like the height it gave. I don't plan on making this an annual activity but since I am just learning I took advantage of the opportunity!

What have I decorated this room with?
Starting from the top:

  • Ceiling fan from Home Depot
  • Vase=gift. Flowers in it? Dried valentines flowers from our first v-day in 2006!
  • Canvas engagement photo- shutterfly
  • Vase = goodwill find. Flowers in it? From a cute little store in McCloud, CA last July.
  • Our "for decoration only" marriage license and frames from Michaels and JoAnns. 
  • Duvet and shams Pottery Barn's Organic collection on sale last March.
  • Red pillow - BBB
  • Blue blanket - Ikea, has a matching pillow case somewhere...
  • Bedside light - originally from Ikea I got it at Goodwill for a dolla - HOLLA!
  • Rocking chair - belonged to hubby's great grandma.
  • Night stand. I recently inherited this from my grandparents. It was a yellow wood with some old handles. Some sanding, antique white spray paint and new knobs later it matches the dresser.
  • Love Chest from my mom
  • Dog beds on sale from Petco
  • Dogs from OFOSA ;)
Other side of the room

  • All our wedding cards strung with miscellaneous ribbon.
  • Words from Kohls on sale
  • Miscellaneous accesries from Ikea, Home Goods, Kohls, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and JoAnns.
  • Teal futon chair from Ikea. 
  • Plant and pot from Home Depot.

I hope this new energy flow will improve our sleep and relationship! Maybe Delilah will start listening? Wish us luck!

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