Oh Glory Day!

Back for a very limited time at Target is my favorite candy! My rommate in college discovered the Gobstopper Heartbreakers for her at the time long distance boyfriend. This was about 5 years ago. These candies are only available around valentines day. I always go to the Target's in the area to snatch as many as I can without any success. TamTam even used to bring them to me from Target in Eugene which seemed to be the only Target that carried them. Last year instead of going to the stores I called ahead of time and was able to locate 3 bags. This year on a whim we went to Target. The store was fully stocked with these wonderful treats. I freaked out! People were talking about me. "Did you see that girl who was so excited about the candy?" True Story. I bought 7 bags. I wanted 6 but hubby added another. Hopefully I can make them last all year, you know half a bag a month and the 7th bag for today... haha.

I love you gobstopper heartbreakers.

I even tried to hide you from myself. Lets see how long this lasts.

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