Sick day, BLAH

The hubs and I have been lucky enough to come down with the holiday sickness =(
When he gets sick, its bad because it so rarely happens. I mean like- he whines and begs for juice kinda bad, so we are spending the day at home.
We feel okay enough that it really just sucks that we can't be out doing something on this semi-nice Oregon afternoon. His nose is running and my neck/ throat is killing me. After some pain meds I am a little better but still contagious. I wanted to go to work as its monday morning and I have been home since friday afternoon (left early as I thought I had strep and definitely didn't want to spread that at work). So all the cleaning and dishes has already been done.

What to do then? Why, lets tackle some projects I have been putting off! My grandparents were generous to purchase me a sewing machine earlier this year. They found a hot deal with a coupon and thought it would make a great christmas gift. Of course it was doing no good in their shed until christmas so they gave it to me early. This was in June maybe? Stayed in the box in our office on the floor until about October when I finally decided, enough was enough. It came out of the box, got put together and what do you know? Sat with projects piling up next to it for a few more months.

I decided today was the perfect opportunity to learn how to use the thing and put it to use. Dude was runnings out of toys and I had a few to repair for him. He just loves ripping stuffing out of them! Yes, I have sewed before and should have known how to piece together the thing but I was at a loss, instructions in front of me and everything. Guess who stepped in and remembered his Home Ec acquired skills? Hubby of course! He threaded the bobbin and everything! Thanks babe!

First "tackle" a pillow Dude chewed up on one of his rampages. Easy enough. Didn't turn out PERFECT and brand new but at least it is useable again! Yay!

 Photos necessary for my grandparents.

Then Dude got his bed back. He had one before this that he destroyed and when he didn't fully ruin this one I decided it would get mended. YAY! He didn't remember its function at first, but as you can tell he is now enjoying it and can hopefully now move off of the adult bed at night ;)
 Dude loved this duck for the day he had it. He tore open the beak and its been waiting for "cosmetic surgery" ever since.
 Dude, back in love with his Duck <3
 Dweet just being a model.

Oh, and did I mention, my nephew turned 7 this week! Yikes, where have the years gone? Tongue to the nose picture? Why not!

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