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Hubby and I bought our first home 2.18.11. It was a long and semi-stressful process but after 30+ homes in three weekends we found this "palace". I consider it a diamond in the rough as there are many things on our never ending "honey Do List". These are probably the best shots of before for all intents and purposes. Weeds and all.                 
This is our home in March 2011 with a sprinkle of snow. It's Oregon so it was gone by 10AM

First thing we did after moving in was tear down the awful wall that was separating the living space from the kitchen. We really don't understand why anyone would have put this in. In the flyer they referred to it as an architectural detail, more like architectural FAIL.
Get the wall GONE! Notice the beautiful brass chandelier? Don't worry, it is  most definitely gone now. Our niece and nephew helped out. Love them!

I took this photo when viewing the home. This is the redone kitchen behind the wall. Many updates since that I will share.

The best part about the house that I discovered while painting the exterior trim was that the hideous beige paint that consumes the interior is the same EXACT paint, read not just color but paint was found to be interior/exterior. GREAT. 

One thing hubby and I disagree on is wall color. His childhood home has white walls and he is fine with it. The beige world satisfied him, not me. My childhood home is colorful and bright! Long story short, I paint alone.

One day while at work I was talking with co-workers and realized that my home was the same color as work, so I spend most of my life in beige. I found this to be disturbing and immediately found some oops paint at HD and got started in the entry way. I read online that if the entry is blue it is a nice transition from the blue sky outside. And it was five dollar paint. I finished the entry way and still had half a gallon left so I ventured into the laundry room. Lets just say it was a fun filled afternoon. This isn't the best picture but its all I have. On a whim when I saw a 50% off coupon at local paint store and I went and got this spa color for the master bedroom. I am not the biggest fan, its a little too bright but as it took a long time I have no desire to re-paint any time soon. I still have to paint the master bath and closet the same color. I have another can of oops paint left and cannot decide between painting the office or spare room. More on that later. 

As these last two photos have revealed we have to sweet babies. 
Dweet we got in May 2010 as an 8 week old kitten. He was precious, obnoxious and curious. I love him. Our orange tabby cat. His full name is Dweet Michael Thomas Carey. Dweet was a drunk slip of the tongue from my friend B, Michael is husbands middle name and Thomas is my nephews middle name. Both are used quite often and I used to yell at Dweet so it was only fitting to give him the middle names of the two other creatures that are constantly getting in trouble. 

Exactly one month after closing on the home we adopted Dude. We met a dog many years back at a motorcycle race named "Yo Dood" who was an amazing dog that we fell in love with and ever since have loved the name. I dislike very much when things are spelled wrongly on purpose so I could never spell Dude wrong. His middle name is a mix between hubby's fathers, Eugene and our only niece at the times, Taylor. He is Dude Euglor (silent G) Carey. We went to the pet store to look at another dog we found online for adoption and saw this little guy hiding in the back of the kennel behind his two siblings. Dude, which no one can believe is from a Chihuahua mother and German Shepard father. As a clever man called him "Mexican Shepard". He is intelligent and loving. We have been told that he is the perfect size.  

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