Aunt Jen Sheets

Hubby has an aunt who is our guide to adult life. She is the only aunt or uncle in his family that doesn't have children and that is our goal in life as well. We watched her house awhile ago. She has a great old victorian in Portland that is fabulous! We house sat around this time of year and she taught us an amazing trick that we now refer to as "Aunt Jen's Sheets".

When its not really weather for flannels but you aren't ready to change to normal sheets its time for Aunt Jen's Sheets. One sheet flannel on sheet regular. We choose flannel on bottom and normal on top. It's pretty amazing. I can't explain it but its like ice cream on a hot day or hot chocolate on a snow day. Hot and cold at once. I love this season.

Dweet loves to help make the bed.

My husband is wonderful to help make the bed and pause for photos of Dweet. 

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