Sunny Sunday Adventures

We started the day with some Junior Apples to Apples for B's birthday

Read through a dog book to figure out Delilah's breeding and Dude happened to be sitting like a greyhound when we were thumbing through this picture. We know he isn't but its very similar...

Delilah's ears are all whacko!

O and Delilah sitting in a tree...

Car ride fun. O doesn't like to smile

After Sky High we took a ride up in the hills outside of Portland. The kids were stuck in the back with Dude
Windy steep hill 
O deep in thought
Hubby so excited to go for a bike ride.
 At the top of the hill seeing Mt Hood and St Helens

Spectacular view 
 We were taking hubby up for a bike ride down the hill. This is where we dropped him off.
Delilah came for the ride too!
I can tell he is smiling in the helmet ;)

O strapping down the scooters while "Poot" rides off
 Then we left and waited at the bottom of the hill. 
I like this with me and Delilah
Then we picked up hubby and drove down the great drive of highway 30 towards Portland
St Johns bridge my least favorite. Its only my least favorite because during the Portland Bridge Pedal its the furthest out of town and takes too much work to ride your bike too. 

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