Island Update

My father in law (FIL) has some mad skills.

Three weeks ago we gave him the go ahead to purchase the supplies and start building my Dream Island. We had gotten a pretty good tax return so the little extra cash $ gave us the push we needed to begin. This past weekend he informed us it was all stained and ready for installation. These are the base cabinets mind you, the doors and such are still on order. I cannot believe how fast he made those. This is in his spare time people!

One big change is that we have gone from Corian to Granite after finding out the price difference is minimal, maybe even cheaper to go with Granite. Since FIL is a contractor he has access to some pricing options and we got a quote to do the entire kitchen surfaces for less than 3 grand from this place. I find this AMAZING considering how much surface space there will be. Plus the verdict was out on Corians survival rates. FIL says that he has heard that it requires a lot of maintenance down the road and knows people who have had to have it replaced/ refinished numerous times. This doesn't sound like my cup of tea.

We are doing a cabinet for the master bathroom at the same time because someone tore out the original and put this things in its place. Super impractical for any bathroom. No storage or counter space. I need my counter space.
Listing photo (SORRY)
Word to the wise, pedestal sinks may look pretty but have very little function.  I am thinking a half bath may be ok to put one in if you have storage for extra TP etc, otherwise I recommend staying clear of these things.

We did a hunt for a master bath sink this weekend since obviously this guy wont do. Lowes had the best prices so we set out there. We got your basic white oval sink for around 40$. The same place who is doing our kitchen counters offers a scraps of granite, (you know the ones that they cant really market, small enough for a bathroom vanity) at a discounted price. This is amazing so we can get a granite counter top for our bathroom too. This can be installed any time since we got the sink we just have to send it in for cutting and voila! More counter space and I can paint that bathroom!

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